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Canon 5D Mark III Long-term Review

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  1. i wonder is there big difference between 80d vs 5d mark II for night photography? I've been thinking to upgrade to full frame but don't know is it worth it if the full frame is that old.

  2. Hey Tony, do you still recommend the mark ii in 2017? I don't do video at all, and only do stills. I'm a hobbyist that shiits mostly landscape and macro, and occasionally portrait and wildlife.

  3. Personally i changed from Canon to my current Nikon D5 FX QXD Version takes fantastic shots with my 35 mm and 85 mm glass lenses and my flash gun in my camera bag. Personally I don't use telephoto lens .

  4. Hi Tony, I'm trying to surprise my wife with a new lens for her 5D Mark lll , she currently has a 50mm lens. She often gets asked to do family pictures, prom , birthdays misc. I would really appreciate if you are able to recommend something that she would appreciate/like/love. Thanks !

  5. Tony please just tell me why canon image's size is too small I have canon 5d mark 4 and D810 one photo of my canon have 6.4MB or even going much higher it hit 10MB , but with my Nikon is will be 23.4MB … and we all know Nikon D810 Have 34MP and canon 5D mark 4 Have 30MP how it possible Nikon image size have 3 or 4 time bigger than canon image and the only different between them is 4MP …. I spend 2600$ for the canon but Nikon is 2100$ … I am going to get crazy about that … please just help me just tell me is there a problem with my canon ?

  6. Hi Tony, great video. Been a fan for a while. So I'm thinking about upgrading to the Mark III from a t7i. I'm not a professional shooter but want to upgrade to full frame. Is worth it to upgrade if I'm just a beginner and just do this for a hobby or should I just stick with my t7i and invest in some L lenses? I love the t7i but really hate the crop factor. I to us a deal for a Mark III owned for a year and not sure of shutter count with 24-105mm L lens for $1600, is this a good deal? Should I jump on it and upgrade? Please let me know? Thanks guys! Keep up the good work.

  7. Canon Mark iii also has multiple exposues a fun and useful tool, as well as in camera hdr blending useful when shooting jpegs. Mark ii doesn't have these features. I have the 5d mii,miii and 5dsr.

  8. I got my Canon 5D mkii for under 800$ from EBay, it even came with an 8 GB CF card. I was about to shoot a wedding and went to format my card and found the pin had bent right before the shoot and couldn't find my other CF reader. I went to Walmart to get two CF readers, got them drove home and neither Sunpak reader worked. Rule number 1 always have a back up plan. I shot it on my T3i instead.

  9. What is the point of having headphones on a dslr??? Your Audio is either clipping or not, that's what the meters on screen are for.
    It's not like you can change Mic gain, saturation, compression, limiting, gating, EQ, de-essing, harmonic enhancing, let alone use an audio plugin. LOL. If the mic in the camera is shit, which it is, buy an external one.

  10. Hello Tony. Compliments of the season! I have a 5D iii and considering a wide angle lens, the sigma 12-24mm ef (not ART) specifically; cannot afford the ART now. I shoot mostly for fun now, although I did shoot a friend's wedding. I wasn't too happy with the shots, a lot came out a bit dark. I used a Canon 24-70mm L and a canon flash. Please kindly advise me on best affordable lens, especially a wide angle lens, to use with my camera.

  11. Tony and Chelsea are a great team. Tony has a great voice concise and a warm tone. Good info on the 5Diii..a lovely house, a beautiful wife and a fantastic life..using and talking about cameras and photography..haa Tony..you have it all…i bet you've got a gorgeous Corvette in the garage as well!!! Haa regards from England.

  12. Great video and still relevant in 2019. I currently own two 5D mark 2 cameras. Why 2, well it saves quite a bit of lens swapping in the field. Love my mark 2s and have no intention of changing any time soon as mostly I shoot landscape and urban landscape and the mark 2 cameras do all that very well. Was thinking of upgrading but after seeing your video I just don't see the point if there is no visible image quality difference. Thanks for a great video.

  13. Okay, I'm late to this party, but I must say that the 5d iii is at least twice as good as the 5d ii. Even if just for the thousand times improved focusing. I got mine for under $900 and love it. I used a 5d ii for a month and the focusing was just not good.

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