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  1. LOL I'm the opposite, Full-frame all the way for Wildlife; I'm usually seeing critters early morning and evening, so low light and the need for fast shutter means I need a camera that does high ISO well. Everything else, I'm shooting crop… It's a money thing though, my Full-frame has had to go to the shop a few times and each repair cost nearly as much as my rebel series cameras do new. So unless I make it big I'm saving my Full-frame for wildlife and shooting my SL3 for everything else.

  2. The explanation between Raw and JPEG was awesome. Would like to know does the same hold true with other formats such as png. Im assuming that Raw is still better but is png better than jpeg?

  3. Kudos to your channel and Thank you for the series. This last one I might have to watch more than once. The great thing about this whole YouTube thing you may have spread them out over a year or two but I got to watch all three videos back to back to back On my way to and from work. You’ve certainly earned the new studio. Keep killing it.

  4. I think the “zoom” effect of the crop sensor is not real. You are just seeing a section of the picture the full frame will take, but not a closer look! So if you take your full frame picture and crop the picture at edit to the size of the crop sensor picture, you get the same.
    The crop sensor might help when taking the picture to see the image amplified in your camera though. Just not an advantage for the picture itself. Great video. This is a great series. Thanks.

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