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Chelsea and Tony review three camera bags in the real world: the Domke Metro (on Amazon http://help.tc/domke), the LowePro Flipside (on Amazon …


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  1. I have checked the price of this bag on Amazon.com for $299.99 plus Shipping and Handling…I could purchase a good conditioned used SpeedLite for that money…WOW!
    I cannot imagine having all of these issues with a camera bag…Sorry Tony!

  2. Stay away from Langly Alpha Pro. Just got a 2016 model which is supposed to be improved. Immediately zipper (not ykk) for the top compartment was getting stuck and very hard to open. No phone number is listed on the website for support. I sent an email and submitted a message for support from their site, but no response so far. Nice looking bag (and expensive), but not impressed with the built quality and support.

  3. Hi +Tony & Chelsea Northrup

    I'm from The Philippines and a big fan. Just recently bought your book on Stunning Digital Photography. Can you provide tips on how to store camera lens or kit lens to avoid growth of fungi on lenses. I heard storing lenses on camera bags helps in the growth of fungi, instead it is better to store camera/lenses on airtight plastic containers?

  4. A very useful review by our resident photography couple! 💑

    Excellent job, guys. Repeating what I said to someone else, nicely thorough with your reviews between sharing features and evaluating real-life experience. I greatly appreciate your input, since this greatly helps me trim down my shortlist. Gonna see if y'all have any reviews of ThinkTank bags, as I hear they have a great reputation for ease of use, durability, and consciousness.

    Great love to you both, God Bless, and keep being awesome!

  5. I don't stick my head up much because I usually don't know half what you two know and teach.

    This time I only want to add that the little person few seconds at the end were really nice. Photography seems to drag either the impersonal nerd or dry academic artist out of us.

    Nice to see you slip into a different style. Thanks.

  6. the first bag will not be able to fit other 13 inch computers cause the dell xps 13 is smaller than a normal 13 inch, and it fits snugly in the compartment, meaning a normal 13 inch will probably not fit.

  7. Just ordered the flip side so glad to see a good review! I'm using it for a really small video camera (canon xa25) but yeah, wish it had a decent separate compartment without having to go up in size.

    Also what are you putting stuff on?! Is that a fake rock?! It seems to be bending when you put stuff on it? Why would you have a fake rock???

  8. Mindshift Rotation Professional is the best. I love mine. It's basically perfect for hiking (even really long hikes) with and being able to access the camera and lenses without taking the bag off your back. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't work the greatest for when stop at a place and want to take the bag off my shoulders and be able to get to the camera gear (because then I have to move the camera gear section of the bag out of it, and put it back in later when I'm ready to put the bag back on)

  9. the first bags of tony and chelsea were good for me but i used to over-carry gear and accessories [filters, film, mem, cards. I need to train myself to carry less! checking the design of bags now; it's noticeable that they don't look like camera bags due to vertical design!, altho" my old style horiz. bag gave a better view of which lens to select. matt granger showed a bag with a bright yellow interior which made selection easier:black/dark colored walls make extraction difficult! when lenses and cameras are colored black.

  10. Very informative reviews, Tony and Chelsea! While that Domke appears to be a decent shoulder bag, I totally agree that the nice-looking leather "backpack" that you reviewed, was definitely Not designed by a photographer!  OTOH, I use thinkTANKPhoto products, who most certainly were designed by photographers for working photographers! I've opted for their spacious, well-designed backpacks, such as the Trifecta, ShapeShifter, and Streetwalker V2, depending on the quantity of gear carried. The Trifecta Series is especially nice, as you can access your gear without removing the backpack. The Streetwalker is great for storing a massive amount of gear, and the ShapeShifter is great for innovative protection in a thin form factor. For more info, check them out at  https://www.thinktankphoto.com/pages/affiliates/?rfsn=140287.3fb74  Thanks, guys, and Happy Holidays!

  11. I hate the new Domke line, I still have my Domke F2 brown from 1984, and still holding gear, along with another Domke F2 tan, and the Domke F1x black, and 3 Domke Satchels, let's say that I'm a Domke kind of guy, but do not like the new line.. Keep it simple guys…

  12. Have you ever seen the web site: Japan Camera Hunter.com, there is a segment that shows everyone all over the world that shows in what's in their camera bag, and it is not that tan color backpack, as they keep it very simple… About close to 1500+ plus shooters do not used bags that saids camera brands. That said t hem "MUG ME" As for that tan backpack Too much weight, and strain for your back…All the bags that you have shown SUCK, Keep it SIMPLE. Or just put a HUGE patch on your back and have it say: "PHOTOGRAPHER" and get the biggest laugh… Really look at the web and SEE how many that do not have any of your bags….

  13. My wife keeps her iPhone in her purse
    Stop putting lipstick on the pig
    DSLR’s are dead….just like Medium format film before…
    Remember Bronica, Hasselblad, Mamiya or Pentax?
    Nobody else does either
    Mirrorless is just the 8-track tape version of vinyl records…..still born.
    Start reviewing phone camera technology …. or die like Kodak

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