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Black Friday Deals + NEW T&C TRAINING DEAL! LIVE!

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It’s BLACK FRIDAY! We’re here, LIVE, with amazing deals on cameras, monitors, drones, books, and video training. LINKS: * Art & Science of Photography gift …


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  1. the sd card is a class 4 is this not a problem it is fine for normal shots but is too slow read write speed for video and would do very badly for fps shots which are better with class 10 cards and faster mbs numbers 80 and up.

    But you are right that card is good value and could be used as a backup of photos when away. or to put jpgs on as a second card in a dual camera possibly.

  2. i have to say on kindle fire.
    the 7" for 8gb for 29 pound if you have prime free delivery too is good the 16gb is 39 pound BUT
    if your ging for that then i think its better to get the 8" for 49 pound as has better battery life bigger screen and better resolution on the screen starts with 16 gb so you can see what the extra 10 pound gives you pitty it was not so easy on cameras or the current trend iphone X with same specs as samsung galaxy s8. for this deal look at a contractfor 2 years some with unlimited everything which is worth at least 20 pound some start at 56 pound a month for phone and service. this is a much better deal than buy a phone for 1000 then get contract service for possibly 20 mth.

  3. Guys, what‘s about your viewers from other countries. If I order your video bundle, I’d have to pay quite the shipping costs. I‘d prefer to stream or download the videos. And though signed prints are awesome .. again shipping costs

  4. Tony you do a good job and have a lot of knowledge and advice to share but the 2 of you live together is not very good. Don't take my word for it you research if this format is doing you any good ? And maybe it's just time for me to unsubscribe

  5. LINKS:
    * Art & Science of Photography gift bundle. $150 @ http://sdp.io/artscience
    * 10% off all our books @ http://sdp.io/store (coupon 'holiday10')
    * 20% off our Book Lover bundle @ http://sdp.io/booklover (coupon 'bfbooks')
    * 20% off our Stunners bundle @ http://sdp.io/stunner (coupon 'bfbooks')
    * 20% off our T-shirts @ http://sdp.io/tshirt(coupon 'bfshirt')
    * Our used gear at http://sdp.io/gear
    * $16 64GB SD card: http://sdp.io/bfsd
    * $68 4K action camera: http://sdp.io/YIL
    * $90 HD monitor: http://sdp.io/HPHD
    * $245 4K monitor: http://sdp.io/LG4K
    * $250 Canon T6 bundle: http://sdp.io/T6R
    * $400 nikon D3400: http://sdp.io/D3400
    * $500 Nikon D3400 bundle: http://sdp.io/d3400B
    * $900 Fuji XT20: http://sdp.io/XT20
    * $800 Canon T7i: http://sdp.io/T7i
    * $29 Kindle Fire 7 tablet: http://sdp.io/fire7
    * $50 Kindle HD8 tablet: http://sdp.io/HD8
    * 25% off Seagate drives: http://sdp.io/bfseagate
    * $400 DJI Spark: http://sdp.io/spark
    * $888 DJI Mavic: http://sdp.io/mavic
    * $1,100 DJI Phantom 4 Advanced: http://sdp.io/p4a

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