Home Photography Battle of the Fast 50mm's: Nikon f1.8 vs f1.4 vs Sigma f1.4

Battle of the Fast 50mm's: Nikon f1.8 vs f1.4 vs Sigma f1.4

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Last time, we took a look at some Canon fast 50’s to compare the relative performances. This time we take a look at some 50mm lenses available for the Nikon: …


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  1. Filming/photographing people in public places should be done respectfully. I think it's really untasteful how you make fun of strangers in some of these videos. Also makes me feel awkward.

  2. I had the 50mm 1.4 and it was shit wide open. I have the 1.8g now, which is much sharper wide open with less color fringing and aberration. Nothing to do with this comparison though.

  3. Hello sir … How r u … Mare pass Nikon D3400 he .. or Muje prime lens Lena he ….to 50 mm ya 35 mm Do mase konhsa better rahega …or….AF or AF-P /AF-S Keya. He …Muje konsha Lena inmashe…

  4. Nobody cares if someting is made in China v. Japan. China makes all your electronics. They can make a lens. The best 50 for the money is the Nikon "D" 1.4 on the used market. Under $200. It outperforms the newer G and something that reviewers overlook is t-stop — the light that hits the sensor. The Nikon 50 D 1.4 is "truly" a 1.4 lens (per DxO). You can keep Sigma anything.

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