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Back to where it started…

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  1. You just made my day. How fast did the last years just fly by? It‘s amazing, I still remember watching the first video of you – a nice guy with like middle long hair, a black leather jacket, walking around in his office and talking into a camera. He could be interesting I thought and clicked on the subscribe button. And now a lovely father, it‘s great to see how you deal with that great responsibility. See, the thing is that I sort of re-evaluated a hundred times which people I want to keep in my list of subscriptions on YouTube. I went over it many times, kicking out people whose videos I didn‘t enjoy anymore, making room for new stuff to come. But you never left this list and I love it. Stay healthy in those times, greetings from a Germany without any toilet paper left. Oh, I forgot two things: It‘s nice to watch a good old vlog, hearing you talk about everything and walking around in your house. Also, you reminded me of how important photography actually is for myself, and that I might need to adapt some future plans to it.

  2. Hey Peter, glad you're staying safe. Don't know why it's so enjoyable, but nice seeing the 'full circle' element of your story! You do realise you now have to move back to the office with Matti once the social distancing restrictions are lifted?

  3. Would be interesting to get your thoughts on shooting film and photos of the dogs. I'm trying to keep my cockapoo's Insta account interesting and engaging. p.s. Thanks for the content – really interesting and helpful.

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