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  1. G'Day Tony, Chelsea, Kyle and team great episode. A quick question, on a crop camera EOS70D, would you turn off the camera's noise reduction setting for night/astro photographs?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Love these videos, but I've noticed you guys tend to rush through the pictures at the end, and some of the pics you rush through look pretty cool, whereas you spend some time on other pics early on which aren't as cool-looking.

  3. Talking about lightning photos ..Tony "what am I going to do go stand out in a thunderstorm with the tripod?".. That's exactly what I do, I live in Kansas I've managed to get a few lightning photos so far but my ultimate goal is to get one with a full wall cloud or a tornado in the shot.. and as I'm sure everyone is aware Kansas thunderstorms aren't exactly a regular old thunderstorm so there's an extra element of danger probably to it, but I've had more fun with photography with my attempts at that than anything else so far… the only protection you get is really to try to stay away from the storm but they've moved past I did almost get struck by lightning once last summer, immediately packed everything up & called it a night..it was way too close

  4. I've enjoyed watching kyle grow.. he's amazing.. I think I joined a year after him so he was a "challenge" for me to strive to equal. Never achieved it but was sure encouraging.

  5. This came out at just the right time! I'm planning a camping trip to Utah in June for 2 weeks! I'll be going nuts with the nightscape photos, for sure! I'm also thinking about getting an entry level telescope, but I'm on a tight budget, preparing for the trip.

  6. Bahtinov masks work great for longer focal lengths, eg >200mm, but doesn't for wide field, eg, 16mm. I use a dslr controller app, and a bahtinov mask, and fine tune the focus @ 560mm using the app on my phone – works a treat.

  7. so this is a question on tripods, I have a Manfrotto Be Free , and now I'm wondering if it will be steady enough for the needed long exposures. (does anyone has used this one before for astrophotografy?)

  8. I really wish links would be given to websites and products mentioned in these streams. Some of the more difficult to spell/hear clearly things are a complete shot in the dark. I have no idea what those masks were called or the app/website was called.

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