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600mm ZOOM review! Sony 200-600 | Nikon 200-500 | Sigma & Tamron 150-600

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Tony Northrup reviews the new Sony 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS lens (http://sdp.io/s200600) and compare it to the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED …


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  1. No need for TC, use Topaz Gigapixel AI and set scale to around 1.25-1.4x with sharpen set to low, and then run Topaz Sharpen AI at low settings and you will be amazed at how good the output is. You also now have 1 stop lower ISO shots and files are more malleable as DR is also better at the lower ISO.

  2. Good comparison.. tony/Chelsea I shoot on an 80d. I’m about to purchase my 1st wildlife lens and am leaning towards the canon 100-400ii. Any thoughts or suggestions since this lens USED is pretty pricy. Thanks !!

  3. How well does the 200-500 handle zooming in wet conditions? I've had a few lenses fog internally from the action of external zooming and/or focusing.
    Ideally (given a truck load of money) I'd go for the Nikon 180-400mm f/4E

  4. Tony, with the new A7r4 released,. and since I already own the 100400GM,. Would it be advisable to skip to 200600G and pickup the A7r4 for use in crop mode at 26mpx? Currently own the A7Riii and happy with it but crop mode drops me to 18mpx at 600mm equivalent with 100400gm. What are your thoughts on this approach? Thanks

  5. just curious what would be the cheapest but still good IQ solution for the fuji system? Throw one of these on with an adapter like fringer or just get the 100-400 with a teleconverter?

  6. You mention 600 cropped to 1200 leaves you with better results then a teleconverter. What if your also cropping there 1200mm into say 1500-1600mm? at some point digitally cropping will no longer provide better results. Im curious when that would be.

  7. My Tamron G2 150 – 600 needed a firmware update and calibrated with the tap in console to focus well since it was back focusing and front focusing at different zooms. Now it is pretty sharp and the performance is better. Was that done for this review?

  8. The Nikon in my opinion is the best of the bunch, but only because it's a constant F5.6 and that actually matters more than you would think. However the Sigma Sports lens is better build and a little bit sharper and the Sony is also awesome. The Sony being a internal zoom and focus is really nice and I wish the other lenses were too, however having said that at $2000 you could buy a used Nikon 200-400mm F4 lens. Of course the 200-400mm F4 will smoke any of these lenses and is at least a full stop brighter, focuses way faster and is incredibly sharp in the center. For $700-$800 more money I would always rather save up the extra money and buy a 200-400mm F4 lens, anyday.

  9. Thanks for the video. I was planning to buy the a73 with sigma mc11c to be able to use my ef 100-400 is 2 lens. After seeing your video, I see I need to save a bit more to trade with extra cash (?) the canon lens and buy the sony 200-600 lens. Or I might keep the ef 100-400 is 2 on my 80d and not buy the sony 200-600.

  10. If I could ask, Cropping discards information doesn’t? Is there a point where teleconverters offer greater benefits to cropping where you may want a 20 x 30 print of a Tiger. asking as genuinely confused. Just ordered Sony 200-600mm lens and 2 x teleconverter for photographing Tigers and Leopards in India during October. Now strongly considering canceling 2 x teleconverter ( I own A7riii) can’t afford to upgrade camera to IV

  11. Hi Tony. did you try the Sigma 60-600? I have read some nice review. On a D500, do you still recommend the Nikkor 200-500mm against the 60-600mm? Thank you. And I currently have the 80-400 F:4,5-5,6. Is it worth upgrading to the 200-500 or a Sigma 60or150-600? thank you.

  12. I thought this must be a video a few years old when you said the Nikon’s are not mirrorless and the EVF's are crap. The 200-500 can be used on the Nikon mirrorless and the EVF is amazing.

  13. It gave me physical pain when you said the lens would get heavier when fully extended. Same mass, same weight (at the center of mass). You would’ve gotten away with saying it “feels” heavier, because due to the center of mass moving away from your points of connection, leverage will apply more upwards directed force on your hands, especially to your forearm muscles. Easiest fix would to hold the camera close to your body, right elbow against your body, left hand far front, center of mass building a line with your left elbow, left knee and left foot. Your body’s center of mass slightly behind your left heel. Stable as frick

  14. you can get down to 1/10th on the canon 100-400 II, works wonders if you're trying to stay = < ISO 800 for perched birds; Would love to see a 500pf nikon vs. 400 doII vs. 100-400 II vs. 500 f4 II/III

  15. Well, I just came back from a safari with a gh4 and the 100-400 leica panna.
    An other guy were using the nikon 200 500 with a D5600. As i watch your video i was expected to have poor result with the MFT set up compared to the apsc set up.
    It turned out that i get better results. I know that is not a scientific test but still i think it woth share it.
    I think you under estimate the MFT systeme, i do agree that it can not compete wit a true pro set up but it still worth to consider it in this kind of test.

  16. Interesting what you said about cropping the Sony 100-400 instead of using a teleconverter. Ever thought of doing a comparison of the Sony 100-400 and Sony 200-600. I know I am struggling to decide between them: image quality at 400mm, image quality at 400mm cropped and 600mm uncropped, size differences, your experience as a wildlife shooter and which to pick. Just a selfish thought. PS my daughter loves the wren print!

  17. Hi Tony, I'm aware that you own the Canon 500mm F4 mark I and have tested the Sigma 150-600 sport. I am interested in your thoughts! I currently own a Sigma 150-600 sport and I am thinking of buying the Canon 500mm F4 mark i. Scotland isn't best known for its sunny days so light here can sometimes be a challenge, so an F4 would help. I am also thinking of adding a 1.4 Mark iii TC to take me to 700 at 5.6, which is another advantage. My main concern is the sharpness of the older prime to the newer Sigma. Would you say that the 500mm Prime is still sharper than the Sigma, or is there very little difference? Looking forward to your reply? Cheers David

  18. Tony, important question (for me at least): I own a Canon 7D mk 1 and Canon 400mm F5.6 lens, use it primarily for surf still photography. I also own a Sony A6300 for videoing and because I use a tripod with a cheater bar that allows me to shoot still with my Canon 7D/Canon 400mm lens and at the same time shoot video with the Sony. At this point I am using my cheap Sony 55-210mm lens with a Sony 1.7x magnifier on the front. As you can imagine, the lens set up on the Sony isn't acceptable thus the interest in the Sony 200-600 lens for the A6300.

    1. In sharpness and autofocus capabilities, is the Sony 200-600mm equal to or better than my Canon 400mm prime? I love my Canon 400mm, feel that lens is generally unappreciated by the photography community. So if the Sony 200-600 is nearly as good (sharpness and autofocus) on my A6300 vs my 7D with the Canon 400 prime, that's a dream come true for me.

    2. Using the A6300 body and 200-600mm lens for surfing still photography and video, do you feel the auto focus is acceptable, great?

    3. Will the lens stabilization in the Sony 200-600 lens reduce vibration while videoing? Yes, I have a fluid head on the tripod but when shooting with telephoto lens in the 400mm plus range any slight vibration etc shows up.

    Any other input you have targeting my gear and for how I am shooting and videoing surfing is appreciated. Thanks!

  19. Contrary to your image sharpness test of the x1.4TC on the Sony 200-600mm I have found that when mounted on the A9 there is a noticeable increase in detail with the TC on. So maybe not use the TC with the much higher pixel density of the A7RM3 compared to the A9.

  20. Hi Tony and Chelsea.
    I am a Pentax user and also Nikon, which I use together with the Tamro 150-600 G2, I know that those of us who use Pentax are a minority (almost weirdos 😁 ), but I would really like it if I could do any Pentax 150-450 test , which is the only modern or current option for wildlife in Pentax. Thank you and congratulations for your work. Greetings from southern Spain.

  21. I have my second d500 and my third 200-500mm it served me for 3 years now I took some really good pictures. BUT nikkor 200-500 got very slow autofocus. I have missed so many shots especially in low light. The 3D on d500 is hit and miss and the video options for wildlife are bad!!
    Its time now to find right stuff and im wondering if Sony A6400 and 200-600mm will change the game. I guess the best think I can do is to hire but it will cost me about 300£ for few days.

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