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3D MAPPING with a DJI Phantom & Drone Deploy

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3D maps with a drone: AUTOMATIC & FREE. Seriously. Get Drone Deploy at http://help.tc/dronedeploy Get a Phantom 4 on Amazon at http://help.tc/p4 …


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  1. Can you export the 3D map? If so, is that feature available with every level of subscription? Or do I have to pick a specific service plan, like Enterprise? I see an Export button in the top left corner, when you go to your map, but want to make sure that means what I think it means.

  2. Great software, though becomes $80 per month to use view or inspection utilities. I now use the app to gather the images and then use other more affordable software to do the photogrammetry and inspection functions. Drone deploy really need a hobbyist edition, I wouldn't mind paying.

  3. Nice video. I run a 3d print shop. Can the image be converted to a 3d files to be printed off. So I could scan a customers building project and produce a scale model

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