Home Photography 1M SUB GIVEAWAY! Free SDP! Win a dream camera or $3,000!

1M SUB GIVEAWAY! Free SDP! Win a dream camera or $3,000!

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Thanks for listening to us plug Stunning Digital Photography for the last 6 years! Here, have it free (for a couple of days) and maybe win your dream camera: …


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  1. I m so happy i m participating this give away ..keep progressing sir..i wish u will soon touch 1 million subscribers..& god will be always with u sir..❤❤ N dear I have entered in this giveaway.. shared this video in Twitter.. followed u everywhere

  2. WOW just starting with photographyand I know very little so I decided to get all my brothers subscibbed list DSLR and photography related youtubers and what a bonus I get a chance to enter a competition Awesome:) Gratz on the 1 million subs

  3. I don't believe that its got over i just missed it i just want one camera so badly to prove myself that want my heart says from past years but my parents don't allow me as photography as a profession so please if there is any chance please give one

  4. Hi im big fan of this channal i love both of you ….
    I like ur all videos
    im frm kerala 'the gods own country '
    im the only one subscriber frm kerala

    I hope to win my dream camera 😍😎

  5. Damn I'm sorry I missed this :'( But it's not like I haven't received enough from you guys already! Love your videos, I've learned so much from you – great tips, great explanations, hands down one of my most favourite channels. Thanks for all your hard work doing this <3

  6. Hi I'm your new subscribers I hope I'll win your giveaway because I want a canon camera in August 27 for my birthday Im 14 years old and happier …I hope I'll win your giveaway for a personal and If you choose me Im super super happy beacause Im happy to get a Canon Camera for my Birthday and I want canon. For my Vlogging my videos because I vlogging my videos only my Iphone so literally so hard and not easy to me…..And If I will not win this giveaway I literally Happy because of your video because your so Greatful Youtuber I love you
    Ig: anthonyceasaryt

    Congrats 1 M I L L I O N subscribers

  7. Congratulations Tony and Chelsea! Stunning Digital Photography changed my life back in 2013: now I’m a photographer for a living because of you guys, you rock and deserve this award you earned. You are now important influencers for the new generation of photographers and you always kept great quality and neutral wonderful contents. My hat off and thanks from my heart. Keep up with the good job.
    Good vibes from Europe

  8. i need this giveaway!! i love your videos so much. i’ve been selling my presets & tirelessly applying to jobs, but i can’t seem to make enough money to get a camera & gear. my family is struggling with money because last month i was checked into a behavioral health facility for depression, & all my doctors appointments are draining their bank accounts. i’ve been making home videos & taking/editing pics since i was 7 & it has always been my dream to pursue a career in videography/photography, but i’m scared i won’t be able to live out my dreams because we could never afford photography classes & equipment. i was taking a photo-journalism class at school, but i’m not attending school right now because of my mental health issues. i would literally DIE if i won this. but whether i win the giveaway or not, i’d like to thank you for all of your amazing videos. congrats on 50k!! you’re amazing!!!!

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