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100MP Phase One Alpa Hands-on Review

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Kai brings the Swiss-made US$56000 ALPA and Phase One IQ3 out to the Peak District, where nobody can hear him. [Playlist]: http://bit.ly/HandsON16 …


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  1. Runny nose, no idea how to use the camera, kinda like a rocket scientist trying to figure out a lawn mower, looking like he's surrounded by lions on the hunt, frozen with that WTF am I doing here look, pants hangin' off his ass, trying to pump 'em up, LMAO!!!   You just can't get quality entertainment like this anywhere!!!  ten ten thumbs up!!!

  2. A great camera for those who like to play with their gear and fuss about AND most importantly attract attention. The person who buys this would go online and argue about charts and resolution etc. I have shot field cameras for yrs. The joy of it is the deliberate set up and taking the time to ensure your composition is perfect and your focus/exposure is spot on. Using a film field camera isn't about high tech, it isn't about gloriously fine precision cut aluminum.

    While I can certainly appreciate what they are trying to do here but if you are going to use a field camera use a film field camera and enjoy the moment.

  3. Dont believe a word of it, Ive used P1 for 7 years and they are a nightmare company with unreliable hardware. The other thing they dont tell you is MF losing 2 stops DOF and all that sharpness can only be found on F11, either side of this your corners will be soft. Sensorwise, they are no different to a Sony/Nikon, so what is the point? when the Fuji gfx 100s comes out next year expect these people to bomb

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