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10 Reasons You Don't Need a DSLR

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Are DSLRs obsolete? Is mirrorless the way forward? Or will everyone be shooting photos with their iPhones in the future? Here are 10 reasons why you don’t …


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  1. Those who watch in 2018,this is the year dslr turns into an old man, with canon and nikon having thier own mirrorless line. 2-3years down the road and dslr very might be discontinued

  2. I Like my DSLR cameras because of their waight but there again i am old school therefore that makes use as pups. The younger generation are going for mirrorless cameras because they never started with a SLR like me when i was 12 now i am 50+ and moved onto DSLR .

  3. Love your vids, picked up my very first cam 2 weeks ago. Got the Sony A7ii for around 1k and I'm loving it. It's crazy how much better Mirrorless cams have gotten since you've made this video, guess you were right DSLR will soon be a thing of the past

  4. dslr: large sensor, slow motion at 1080 or 720, 4k resolution, bokeh background and lenses

    smartphone: a tiny sensor, a f#$king slow motion at 360 or 144, 4k resolution but on newest smartphones, a fake bokeh background and some f**king cheap lenses

  5. The reason why Sony cameras don't weigh that much is because 75% of the cameras just plastic feel like plastic I respect that I like rugged well made cameras like Nikon cameras they take good pictures beautiful colors I'm happy with them you say they can take a lot of punishment what else is there

  6. The weight difference between the SLR and the DSLR is because you got $1000 DSLR and they weigh a lot more if you were to get the cannon 4000d or the 200d it would weigh less than the SLR, The quality from those cameras is still Beautiful, this guy makes no sense he just likes old Timey stuff like old SLRs from like the 80s Who Flippin cares about what this guy says I’m not trying to be judge mental but this makes no sense I am a canon owner myself and I hate SLR’s!! And reason nine is just bullshit, and one last reason is that SLR’s take 35 mm rolls of film on the other hand the DSL are uses a micro SD or ST card which can store a lot more data than a roll of film.

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