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Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4 Hands-on Review

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TR tests out the latest Zeiss Milvus 25mm f1.4 (http://digit.re/Milvus25) on and above the streets of Beijing! [Subscribe]: http://bit.ly/DRTVSub …


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  1. Very interesting and importantly…entertaining! Actual China too…or Jina, as Trump says 😂. I think the mysterious ‘TR’ did a superb job too. How do you fill Kai’s gigantic shoes? Like this!

  2. This guy is cool. He is doing his own thing and is informative and interesting… Rebecca had all the fans about her beauty… I found her annoying and bad with ppl unlike this guy.

  3. I have the 25mm/f2 (the predecessor) and it is more than plenty sharp. For environmental portraits it actually too sharp and had to reduce sharpness. No need for a upgrade, despite the extra stop. @2400USD I find it overly overpriced. The model I got wasn't cheap either @1400USD.

  4. Every attempt at humor was just painful to endure. Giggly grade school antics don’t mesh well with the review of a $2,400 lens. I’m surprised it didn’t end in a tickle fight and a couple smashed lenses.

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