Home Photography Zeiss 85mm ZE 85mm f/1.4 Review (feat. Canon 85mm f/1.2L)

Zeiss 85mm ZE 85mm f/1.4 Review (feat. Canon 85mm f/1.2L)

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In this video we take a look at the Carl Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 lens(http://bit.ly/Planar_85mm) to see whether it lives up to its name. It’s a manual focus only lens and …


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  1. I'm way less bored when I shoot with a manual focus lens. I have the Zeiss 35 1.4 and 50 1.4, and they're both great lenses. It's almost like the contrast and bokeh completely make up for the softer images compared to canon. The way they transition from in focus to out of focus areas is completely spectacular. Compared to my 24-70 f4L both Zeiss lenses produce much more pleasing images.

  2. Merry Christmas, great video as always. Summarize and help me please. I've seen pictures on the internet very weak sony90 color, a little off, but I've been very clear. I have seen the quality Batis 85 a brutal but I see that magic Zeiss micro level contrasts. See 90 more versatile for all, useful for all, I am a lover of the definition, but also the magic Zeiss. Do you think that when shooting portraits with the 90 will miss Batis or definition in the eyes, eyebrows etc … will make me forget about other factors as more creamy bokeh? For this bokeh and I have 35 f1.4 that eats everything In your eyes definition note both? Thank you

  3. If you didn't like the contrast of the " OTUS ", you should try the " Milvus " !

    The " MILVUS ". is " T* " coated, the " OTUS ", is NOT !

    I noticed that he one you showed, is NOT " T* " COATED..

    Fro MY Own Work, I've Found that it Makes a BIG Difference.

    If you don't believe me, do a comparison of Hasselblad's Black " T* " coated 80 m lens VS. their Old Chrome 80 mm lens…

  4. You're using a manual focus lens with a standard eye piece, of course you will struggle to pin point your focus point. Even the cameras in-focus dot isn't reliable. I own three Zeiss Distagon Lenses on a D800, had them for years and would never go back to AF. Manual slows you down, you think more about your shot and it makes you a better photographer. This guy hasn't got crisp shots because of his lack of skill, simple as that. He isn't a photographer, he's a technical guru who makes videos on cameras. Very different.

  5. Zeiss 85 1.4 is crap. The Nikon AIS 85 1.4 is much sharper, has more precise focus and much less throw. It also focusses closer is much cheaper and Pro Nikon Cameras are good for manual focussing with their > 0 <

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