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You're Not Original. That's Ok.

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  1. hey John. I can top that. I worked under contract for Chinese TV for 5 years as a reporter. THEY STEAL EVERYTHING THEY CAN !!!! B roll off internet, B roll from White House, and more….and not even ascribing or giving credit to source media. The world is their oyster. Copyright? What's that? I can't wait to see this new Trump China trade "deal". LOL. Good thing you sued and won. My answer to this interesting forum is — youre not a big company, just a little shmo? HIRE A LAWYER for a piece of the verdict or settlement. Have a nice day. MARTY SENDER YOUTUBE

  2. Nowadays people are using Image Banks, free images to use even in comercial way. so, I think the guy use the photo of the girl sit on the sidewalk was the case…he did not use the photo but use the idea exactly the same

  3. I have used Pinterest for inspiration on a lot of things. Even photo shoots. I’ll start with those ideas to get ppl comfortable with being in front of the camera & then I’ll work in my own creativity. I do photography as a hobby & not professionally. This video has me rethinking that entire method. I just looked at a photo comparison with an idea from Pinterest & one of my own photos. They’re almost identical.

  4. Photography in many cases is like food.
    A chef can make guacamole one way; then another chef a week later can make guacamole too. Of course one will be better than the other one, but both are guacamole and not considered plagiarism. Or ketchup companies, one recipe has more salt and one tomato less, but both are ketchup.

  5. Good subject, I have seen one of my pictures on Facebook posted by someone else. They weren't making money but I knew right away that it was my image. Felt kinda weird about it . Also have came up with an idea all on my own and later seen someone had already done it.

  6. You nailed it at the end. We all learn from copying others – the old masters of painting did it all the time. The illegal/immoral area is to present that work as original.

    BTW – thanks for the acknowledgment that US law isn't "the law".

  7. Excellent points made. Makes one think because with Facebook and Instagram sometimes things are just so cool they are shared, just by forwarding and pushing share really as a compliment to the original artist and without malice.

  8. Btw I just found you guys, so I have a lot of vids to catch-up on. I am not a photographer, just a person with a cool view from my house, lots of wildlife and a good camera. I have an Instagram account and brand new blog I share my pics on and never thought about putting my name on the pics. They are not photographically good, just fun. However you make me think, should I put my name on the pics? Not sure what to do here….

  9. Speaking of copying…. check out James view on this…… brings his own unique way of explaining the the issue, and when its ok…

    . I use "copying" as a way to learn. When I went to Iceland a while ago, I focused a lot of time before looking at other peoples images from the country, taking them as inspiration, wanting to come up my own image of that place. But a lot of learning was taken from those other images. And lets face it, these locations have been photographed hundreds of thousands of times, so truly being unique is really hard. I did likewise on my most recent trip to Cuba. I see nothing wrong with it…. how many years have photographers been trying to channel Ansel Adams landscapes (half dome specifically) into their own image. Like they say about movies, there are only really about a dozen ideas out there… that have been remade and rebranded over and over again.

  10. I wanted to learn how to play guitar because I wanted to play Zeppelin songs. They were amazing songs and I wanted to know what it would feel like to be creating those sounds. I can't imagine what the process of learning guitar would have been like if I didn't have the freedom to copy someone else first. I think it's similar in photography. We're not all creative artistic geniuses. Sometimes we hit on genius, but each and every one of us is building upon previous ideas. I don't have a hard answer here. Just that it's important for a photographer to be able to go recreate images they love and are inspired by… maybe they shouldn't publish them as if it was their idea. Maybe they can say it was a recreation. I don't know.

  11. It brings to mind Martial arts. All the greatest fighters had their own style… At the end of their journey. Until that point, they were students who copied and trained by copying move for move from masters. It would be awful if they posed as a master, but copying one is a way of learning. We often get too far caught up on the money and fame of something. If you are a solid photographer, people copying you is inevitable, and if you are the original, there's a lot of respect given there. Don't steal, but I say copy until you're an expert in your own right and understand how the person you look up to, takes pictures.

  12. Most interesting part I took from this was when they said other creative modes have protection and photography doesn't (i.e. publishers, etc.). Why isn't there some form or body out there that is specifically used to service photographers? Is there? Why/Why Not?

  13. I'm in a few photography facebook groups for UK, and while they're great I've found it really shocking how often you see someone post an amazing photo, then someone takes it and posts it in another group as their own… and asking for CC??… That's so so strange to me.

  14. The "HOPE" image sparked a whole bunch of like pop-culture versions of that red and blue artwork though. Like Iron Man… It's even in the (second) movie… Did the artist of the HOPE-image get anything for that??…

  15. Of late I'm getting a few copyright strikes for music I've legitimately downloaded from a site for this music. They are also credited most times. They owned the rights to it, I have permission from them to use this music, yet now with some greed processes claiming to have taken ownership of old music they then lie and claim to own the music. I fight it on YouTube and it all goes away. There are these who fraudulently claim ownership. They won't go away. They are criminal. YouTube and ebay are a friend to thieves anyway. When there is no real penalty for stealing the crime is fueled and honesty is cast to the ground.

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