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You Need To Be Asking Why? – TF Feedback

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  1. First Happy Birthday Matty!!!!!
    And You and Peter made motivated to launch my own channel and hope I can give same contents like you guys.
    And do look out for my channel if you guys feels like.

  2. Matti,

    I haven't commented much or maybe at all, but wanted to tell you I really have appreciated the video advice. My videos are not really in the genre of video that your advice is tailored to but I still find lots great information that has really helped my videos reach a more professional looking level.

    Thank You

  3. Hi guys ! If you have a little spare time it would be nice if you could watch some of my videos and give some feedback about them. What do you think about them.. What is good what is bad and how could I improve ? What is the next step for me maybe. Thanks !!

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