Home Photography You HAVE to TRY 360 VIDEO! Here's why…

You HAVE to TRY 360 VIDEO! Here's why…

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  1. You are just SO FUN to watch!! I just saw your podcast vid with Peter…CAN’T WAIT! Next year we will be voting for U as breakout U Tuber! Loved the snowboarding shots, thnx for 360 review, it’s gonna be big! You have the BEST adventures…thnx for taking us along.

  2. Hi Matti! Very interesting video. Something to keep in mind in our next productions. What about the video edition of your 360 video files? It would be an interesting thing to know how you edited them. Some tips to keeep centered the subject to get stabilized footage? For all those that "still" don't own an 360 video cam. Thank you!!

  3. Definitely sounds like the 360 camera is a valid tool in videos just like different lenses. Really curious how the post editing process went? Also I assume you couldn’t shoot in log?

    Like if y’all think Matti should make another video showing us how he edits 360 videos 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  4. I have a Rylo, I love it. The images are really good for an action cam, and the stabilization is amazing. Audio could be better, but I guess if I wanted to make it a full time vlog cam I could get a lav mic.

  5. Had a Samsung Gear 360 2nd gen for over a year now, primarily used it for Google VR Tours, been thinking about using it for video. Haven't looked too much into what's possible in post, but this video makes it seem promising

  6. I absolutely love my insta360. I've used my canon t5 and galaxy s9 to create content for a while now but as soon as I got the 360 it really brought my videos to a new level. It's only going to get better.

  7. I'd love to get an Instant 360 One X!

    As a solo vlogger myself, the multiple angles and the invisible selfie pole are the biggest selling points for me. Having the wider shot of yourself and your environment looks great and I can also picture using the tiny planet as a hyperlapse effect for transitions.

  8. This is not 360 video , this is 360 video converted to hyperflame, you can edit the angle you wish during the video export. I did some of this on my video for event & daily drive

  9. just out of curiosity why did the "geek" helicopter have the Portuguese flag on it? (on the left-hand side) and the Canadian flag (on the right-hand side). Thanks for the video, the footage was spectacular…

  10. Awesome video. How are you editing the footage to take advantage of the 360 content? The biggest problem that I've had with 360 videos on YouTube (or any where else) is that as a viewer I don't know what to look at. Am I supposed to look straight forward or is something cool happening behind me and I need to move the video to see behind me. It seems like what you're doing is creating a "normal" video but editing it to leverage the 360 footage. That seems like a much better way to go. I'm really curious what the editing process looks like though in something like Final Cut. Thanks!

  11. I did a random test at my daughter's Halloween party:

    I exported the video at the highest settings and it still looks grainy. How did you get your footage to be so clear with the Insta360 One X (especially at 3:18)?

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