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YongNuo 50mm f/1.8 vs Canon 50mm f/1.8 II

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The Canon 50mm f/1.8 II(http://bit.ly/EF_50mm) is what some people affectionally call “The Nifty Fifty”. But the YongNuo (http://amzn.to/1bAhe16) comes in at a …


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  1. lots of reviews on amazon Chinese knock off failing within months of purchase.What's the point of investing 50 dollars for inferior product then end up buying the real thing eventually or better…

  2. wondering why they didnt spend 1/3 of every single gun vid and book review to reiterate gunpowder and paper were invented by the chinese and repeated the same "copied" flat jokes

  3. Thanks for the review. I'm going through this dilemma at the moment. Although I need the lens for a t3i so I'm not sure if the ef will function as a 75mm due to the crop factor. Yes I'm a noob.

  4. so i went out and got this yongnuo lens. everything i heard about this lens was that it wasnt sharp at 1.8 but it was still fine at 2.8. for me this was enuf to go and get it. i had similar experiences with it with blury images at 1.8. had it for a couple months now. however today i did a some experiments with the lens on manual focus. i find that its sharp all the way to 1.8 with manual focus but for some reason when i switch it to auto focus it doesnt want to focus. i think this is a fault in the lens and not my camera. but i dont have another fast lens to test on my camera. i got just as sharp photos at 1.8 as i did at 2.8 but only with manual focus.

  5. There is no difference the elements are identical 7 blades on the Yongnou and 5 on The Canon this one lens that matches the other even though it a copy its a perfect copy I trsted mine against the Canon there is no diffence in fact the Yongnou is better with cropping for detail.
    The results was excellent for a standard lens perfect for portraits on a cropped sensor (75mm).
    Sooner buy this than the Canon one

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