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X-T10 Overview Training Tutorial

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A free one-hour tutorial for using your Fuji X-T10 camera! INDEX/TABLE OF CONTENTS BELOW: 1:05 Firmware Updates 1:36 Setting up the Camera 4:15 …


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  1. I tried to look for the Dolica GX600B200 tripod you recommended but it seems to be hard to come by in Europe. Do you have other all-around tripods that you recommend for beginners at a similar-ish price point?

  2. I'm brand new to Fuji but my first attempts with focus peaking tend to agree with Tony's opinion. Some folks say the peaking is brilliant and infallible but it wasn't infallible for me. When taking headshots with an old Nikkor 50mm at f2.8-f3.5 (mounted on a Metabones adaptor) I found I got more hits with just plain magnification than with focus peaking activated. Maybe I need more practice but my impression is that the peaking floods the eye with a sparkling firewords display and hinders finding that critically sharp iris point. Also it annoys me that the magnification turns OFF just BEFORE you click the shutter – can anyone recommend a setting fix for that?
    Cheers Tim (a Limey-Ass Brit)

  3. HI there! I'm watching this tutorial because I bought my xt10 a couple of months ago and I'm just starting to really use it. I wanna know why my custom setting assignments are different from yours. It's hard for me to find ISO options and others. Please help. Thanks.

  4. Great video Tony! It helps a lot! May I ask if I am going to shoot a travel video, what kind of setting should I go for? 60P or 24P? AF+MF on or off? Single or manual focus? Just wondering if someone could advise me on this as I can't make up my mind which one is better.

  5. I traded in my Canon 5D Mark 3 (bought that camera from your book) and its lenses for Fujifilm X-T10 and X-E2 for me and my wife to use so we can share lenses that work for both cameras with XF 60mm and XF 18-55mm lenses. Your quick tutorial really helped to fill in holes that I needed to learn about those cameras. Thanks so much for your help! BTW, I am so glad that Youtube automatically added closed captioning for newer videos and that really helped me out with my hearing loss. Keep on with what you do for us photographers!

  6. Great review ! So helpful . I have a question about bulb mode , you said you would mention how to get around it without holding your finger on the button but I can’t find it anywhere . I want to shoot stars , is bulb mode the best mode ? If so , how can I do this for a long period of time without holding my finger on the button on the tri pod ? Hope someone can help .

    Many thanks again

  7. Just picked this camera up used on Ebay. Invested in a 23mm F2 for street photography and all around use. Thank you so much for not only this tutorial, but also the hundreds of other quality, well produced videos on your channel. I'm having a great time delving through various topics and increasing my knowledge. You guys have great chemistry. : )

  8. My X-T10 is my third Fujifilm mirrorless camera. I like it a lot, but in common with the X-T2 and the X-E2 which preceded it, I never fully understood how to use it, even after having had reasonable quality cameras since 1963. All that has changed after watching this video. I am impressed not only with the technical content of the video but by the style of the presentation. This is indeed the more important part of the video: all the technical info I need is in the Fujifilm camera users guide, but is presented in a needlessly complicated way ( and in a font which is trying for me to read, so I gave up trying after about 5 attempts). Compared to that manual, the style here is well paced, articulate and clealy spoken (in such great contrast to most Youtube videos). It is free of really annoying colloqialisms , typified in so many videos which start with an individual (who should never have been let loose in front of a camera) yelling 'whazzaa' – or words to that effect – at me, in a culturally irritating way, as soon as the video starts. Here, the camera work, the background, the visuals and, above all, the body language (no vigorous arm waving, threatening finger pointing, strange hand gestures etc) are exemplary. Altogether it is a model video – well done.

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