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X-T1 Overview Training Tutorial

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A free one-hour video tutorial on the Fujifilm (Fuji) X-T1 camera. X-T1 on Amazon: http://help.tc/xt1 CLICKABLE TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:43 Firmware updates …


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  1. Hello Tony, I have a quick question regarding the auto focus assist light on my Fuji X-T1, I have a Nissin I40 Flash, but the assist light does not work on Fuji cameras, Have you communicated with Fuji to see if they plan on issuing an update to fix this problem with Fuji cameras?

  2. Thanks good video. I have a couple questions: 1-the 'T' mode, notice you don't mention on this video, you mention 'B' mode I use for night photography, but only works on on 'mechanical shutter' and not on the other two, took me a while (since the manual book didn't mention) so if I want to shot a picture on a running stream water so I get the water effect kind smooth what setting would I use 'T' mode? 'A' ISO? Or 'B' with auto ISO? I move from Nikon and this camera is easy in some ways and heard in others, you input would be appreciated. 2-the time lapse was kind of short, do you have other videos you would recommend?

    Kind Regards

  3. I just bought this camera as a carry around instead of lugging my 5Diii for walks etc. Did not have the money to buy the XT-2. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that although I did read the manual, I learned much more by watching this video. Thanks.

  4. Your video is my 'go to' for a recently purchased XT1.  
    Since my camera is still returnable, I can exchange for the XT2.  What criteria would you consider when making this decision.  I'm familiar with many of the differences.  The one feature I hate about the XT1 is the blackout phase.  Has this been improved on the XT 2?  On the XT2 I like the double memory card, the improved iso/shutter dials, the low like improvement (although this isn't a top criteria) and improved video (although I never shoot video you never know).  I like all kinds of photography from candid portraits to landscape and looking forward to learning street.  
    Have you ever done a comparison of Fuji vs. Sony?  What model would be the equivalent of the XT1.
    Analysis Paralysis.
    Thank you.

  5. Very helpful introduction! In trying to locate the flash compensation setting, I followed the menu steps you demo in the video, but my X-T1 does not have the flash compensation setting where you show it should be. This is something I'd really like to be able to use, so would appreciate any guidance you can give. (The camera has the latest firmware.)

  6. Hi there, does anyone know if it's possible to access internal memory on the XT1? I took some images earlier without the memory card but figure out how to access them. In other X series there appears to be a solution.. I also tried using a USB cable to connect the camera to my laptop but to no avail.

  7. Tony. .. I've had the X-T1 for years. Just came back to re visit. . You are just a master at presentation. So smooth speaking. Clearly and informative. Just a pleasure to watch.

  8. I just bought a Fuji X-T1 today and this video has been such a great intro into this camera. This is my first real camera so it's all new to me. I'll be coming back to this video again as I start to learn the ins and outs of this camera.

  9. so informative! just got my secondhand xt1 pair with 18-55mm lense with good condition. for 1st time im using fuji camera its confused me, but this video enlighten me more. thanks !

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