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Wrecked My Shoulder!!

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Back with a short VLOG today! Life has been INSANE lately but, I am finding time to resume my episodes as often as I can! Thanks for sticking around guys!


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  1. Your old videos remind of how I am with the camera right now…. Still getting a feel for things, finding my voice, but improving. You're an inspiration Peter. Keep up the great work!

  2. Peter, I've been following you for about a year now. I love your content, But this one. Maybe not so much. I'm sorry. How do you feel about making this video in the wake of the recent 17 kids killed in Florida?

  3. Going back and seeing some of your older stuff. This was awesome! Peter, if you're ever in Fargo this summer for whatever reason and wanna go to the range, I'd be more than happy to supply the firearms and ammo! Ever do any trap or skeet shooting?! I'd teach ya!

  4. Hey Pete, MORE MORE MORE please. I feel like I was an early subscriber, drawn to the photog/editing content but would love to occasionally see your style applied to new tech, etc., in this realm as well… A multi-part vlog of you rolling through SHOT Show in Vegas would be something to put on the calendar every year. So there it is $.02…. At least it's USD, lol.

  5. Served in the U.S. military for five years. Qualified annually with the M-16 and the 9mm sidearm. Owned a high-end skeet and trap gun that I practiced with multiple times each week. Now, 30+ years later, I want nothing to do with guns. Sorry, Peter, you seem like a righteous dude and a great photographer. But the world has become a very freaky, unhinged place and I cannot share your embrace of firearms.

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