Home Photography WORST $1,000,000 camera: Yashica Y35 Review (Kickstarter fail)

WORST $1,000,000 camera: Yashica Y35 Review (Kickstarter fail)

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The Kickstarter project raised 1 MILLION DOLLARS, so we review the Yashica Y35 – a digital camera that resurrects a long-dead Japanese film camera …


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  1. Unless you are paid by sony or nikon everything is shit to you… like you.
    You both are a disgrace to photography. You must be ashamed of yourselves.
    You just talk trash like you were at the top of the world.. in case you keep ignoring it, you are not.

  2. Avoid kickstarter like the plague… they are not committed to actually delivering you any product. Ppl just go on there with an idea and no working product and ask for money. One in every 100,000 turns out to be something that actually sells. Wait till it makes it to stores… if it ever does.

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