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Win a camera! We review YOUR Black & White Photos, and Q&A

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  1. Could you do a video on the differences between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC – I got the latter but everyone who uses Lightroom on any kind of video is always using Classic and even though I feel relatively comfortable using CC now, I get so confused using options I rarely touch (like brushes).

  2. So interesting to see ones work here (22:00). More interesting to see it dismissed so quickly xD
    (Thank you Chelsea for your apreciation 🙂

    My tatoo photo was taken in a very close space, I was reaching a lot to take that angle but I considered it was more important the image of the girl getting a tattoo in the middle of tattoo fanatics, it was taken in a tattoo exposition where people were getting tattoed everywhere. I liked the spot light that was over her and her expression. It was interesting to me to see how families that loved tattoes encouraged their kids to get into the sub culture aswell, like how a tattoo lover gets born. I wanted to frame her surroundings in a manner to explain this, the hena poster aswell so people could see it for a while and understand it after looking at it completely. I have made other pictures like this where the subject or intention is not clear at a glance but once you get it you start to understand the layers of the photo and the repercutions, as a way to force thought process in the viewer and creating that "Aha" moment. I also didn't want to cut the left guy's cellphone for composition sake.

    Thank you anyway for showing it in the video. This is a lesson as to how what I think is good may not be really good. I'll try to get better. Again thank you Chelsea, you softened the punch a lot 🙂

  3. A tip I rarely ever see when folks are taking animal photos is perspective. Get on the animals eye level or an interesting perspective. So people folks just take a photo standing up. Getting on their level changes the composition and feeling dramatically. At 6’2”, I have to deliberately get down for pretty much everything or it’s the same boring photo. Lastly, do ya’ll not use dehaze? This can help with dynamic range as well

  4. Currently using 77D +100-400 for wildlife photography, I know you say the R and RP have bad focusing systems for wildlife but would they be an improvement over 77d/80? I'm looking to upgrade my landscape capabilities and access to future pro glass not interested in getting into a soon to be outdated 7d system.

  5. I don't see the need to get your photos reviewed. It's form of an art; just like music or painting. There are no rules. It's how you see and express something and it's highly subjective. People who review your photos, just give their opinion based on their likes and dislikes – it doesn't mean it's universally accepted. Just go, take photos and enjoy the process. Don't worry about getting it reviewed, just like you don't want anyone to judge your singing in the shower or your paintings. – just my 2c.

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