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Will it break? SanDisk SD Card Underwater Test

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After an incredible news story about a camera with an SD card was found at the bottom of the sea a year after it was dropped, and the photos were still found to …


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  1. i´ve got my sandisk Micro SD card with adapter class 4 for 8euro. it went thru washing machine also trhu drying machine and it´s still working, no problem.. it´s happened to me several times and still good.

  2. well I have both cards in my possession, both purchased in 2013. ultra is 30, extreme is 45, extreme pro is 95. Not saying that they might have switched up their naming system…but what they currently sell is what I stated.

  3. I know this test was done for a month in a fish bowl but thats freshwater. Since the camera was found a year later by some fisherman, wouldn't the card start to corrode or at least the metal on it?

  4. Depends which metal is used. I think SanDisk know better than to use plain old iron to make memory cards. It's probably an alloy – hence why its not as susceptible to corrosion and rust etc.

  5. I found a missing sandisk extreme SD card in the fish tank (bloody kids), it looked like it had been in there a while because it was covered in crap. It still worked though and I still use it over two years later.

  6. I dropped a phone in the sea, I took it apart (removed the sim card, memory card and battery), let it dry out, put it back together and it worked. it was nokia 6230i and the memory card worked afterwards with no problems. 😀

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