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Wildlife Photography (TC Live)

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  1. Hedgehogs are very cute indeed. Here in the UK we build tunnels under the roads so that they can cross without getting squished by traffic. Down side to them is they are hosts to fleas with large families and once you hear one up close eating an earth worm you soon learn to stay at a respectable distance.

  2. CD will work for this situation but I preferred the tripod cups I find a CD a little slipping and sliding in the snow and ice and with the tripod cups I don't have to dig them out of the sand or snow and with the cups I just pick up my tripod and go

  3. Tony, how much work are you willing to put into your hosting? Because the fastest hosting is Amazon S3 with an EC2 instance. S3 is the storage, EC2 is what lets you do server-side scripting (submit forms and the like). It's also pay-for-use so the pricing should be pretty good for you guys. The thing that's great for you is that it's 100% scalable and in moments like this you can literally just spin up another EC2 instance to speed the site up. The only down-side is you're basically running it mostly yourself.

    Similar situation with hosts like Heroku hosting. I've also heard good things about Linode but never used it myself.

    You either need to find a really good managed dedicated host or do some self-service cloud hosting. Given your technical background my vote would be Amazon AWS if you don't mind spending the time.

  4. hey chelsea just wondered if upon awakening in the morning do you stretch and recite to your self before skipping out of bed to the bathroomm "all this is brought to meeeee by square space, square space is the easiest……….tony I really love square space" 😲🤖💃

  5. Im a fan and have your book but I really hate the put down you give your sponsor. You talk about Square space as if it is a joke. Why cant you just give them the plug they deserve without the attitude. I would not give you my product knowing you will make fun of it. A bit of "ham" is fine but too much.

  6. Lovely seeing, Siobahn today in front of house. Due to the extra person, a single person camera would lift the show, Justin would need to be vigilant of the loop-feedback on his monitors though. On another note, a pun, i did not hear, a facetious comment i did hear. Chelsea, you'r funny, the keys joke will tickle me for a while, and, you'r not fat. Grant x

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