Home Photography Wild Crocodile Sneaks Up On Us In Tulum Mexico

Wild Crocodile Sneaks Up On Us In Tulum Mexico

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  1. That’s a crocodile-alligator distribution is in the southeastern US-only- there maybe the odd American alligator in northern Mexico but all the way done south near Cancun there are no alligators-nada-not one
    So say crocodile-while South American crocs aren’t as aggressive as salties or Nile crocs- they are still way more aggressive than an alligator-I’ve been in the water with alligators a handful of times-I’d never do that with a croc of any subspecies
    Think it would add a lot to your video if edited it to croc instead of gator

  2. Great display of what NOT to do while in Cancun. DO NOT SWIM IN THE lagoons. All of you were really lucky nothing happened. A local told me the story of a tourist who crossed the street to take a leak in the mangrove bushed, well leg and arm = gone.

  3. i was in that exact same cenote and saw that sucker too, i was there this summer in July, and my friends sister freaked out and dropped her goggles down there. and I lost my sunglasses on the stone bank before you get in. The locals say they feed it in the morning so they avoid people

  4. I cannot believe how calm you guys all sounded. I would have freaked the fuck out and I’m Australian. I reckon because of his size and the number of people he was waiting for someone to tire out and drop back a bit to take them out before you guys can do anything

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