Home Photography Why WORSE photographers are beating you… (Picture This! Photography Podcast)

Why WORSE photographers are beating you… (Picture This! Photography Podcast)

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  1. Very nice video. Of course, this problem is very heavy in India. People here steal other's intellectual property very easily. Further, to get permission for street photography, I think, it is not a better option in India. Good guys. Keep it up.

  2. You absolutely do not need to justify why you're $20 more expensive. Justifying your price is why so many photographers are poor at selling. Leica is more expensive than Panasonic. Do you hear Leica justifying why they are more expensive?

  3. I always offer to take cell phone photos of groups if that will get me a clear shot of my subject…but I just do photography as a hobby (I will plug my wife's business, though)

  4. Great advice for living in general, the benefits extend beyond negotiations into every aspect of life. Politeness shows people how you wish to be treated by an example that they can feel for themselves.

  5. " . . and when I´m analysing things sometimes I find I´m burning time on something that´s not actually very important . . " — like spending too much time watching youtube channels. lol. no sorry, thanks for the input. (I also have some books from the "Dummies" series, didn´t know this one yet, though)

  6. I made an asinine comment here earlier today. I'd like to apologize to Tony, Chelsea and the community for even saying it. I'd also like to thank Tony and Chelsea for their thoughtful and correct response. Finally, I'd like to apologize for deleting my comment. I was embarrassed for having said a nasty, dumb thing, and in panic I deleted it. I'm sorry.

  7. In the 80's my Dad's long time photography business partner used to complain about how much polaroid film they were using on my Dad's high paying commercial work. My Dad used to think, would he think it's good that we're not using up the polaroid film that quickly because there was no work coming in to use it on? LOL. And my Dad would want to buy something he knew that would help bring in more customers and his partner would always say regarding his own thinking "poor people got poor ways" when Dad would ask why they couldn't buy something for the business. LOL Thankfully my Dad and I are a team now and he hasn't had to deal with old photography partner for a long time and he buys what he wants when he wants now.

  8. I don't do well because I like doing creative, crazy themed shoots. I don't post a lot of people just standing there. It's a problem… I need counseling… in the meantime I'm shooting mermaids and space aliens. 🤣

  9. I been a wedding and fashion Photographer for years, and being a jerk goes against you, pretty much in anything..

    when some one wants to hire you weather it's wedding photographer or anything else, especially Wedding photography, the Bride and groom, the first thing they look for is your personality before your skills and quality believe it or not i notice this..

    And when you do wedding photography your dealing with the entire family and you have to have good social skills, if you don't then chances are you won't even be select as the photographer as their choice…
    In any job you need good social skills, that is a huge part of a job interview, they want to feel you out, know your personality, i mean a job interview is not really to see if your able to do the job, they can see that in your application and education, they know you can probably do the job, but the interview is a 1 on 1 they want to check you out in person to see your social skills see what kind of a person you are, and believe it or not 90% of the reason most applicant's are picked over and not chosen is because of social skills, in fact some people who are less skilled in what they are going to do are chosen over one who is more skilled because the one they chose is charismatic and took a shine on to them, Good social skills goes a long way, Remember no one wants to deal or be around an annoying or nasty person..

  10. Networking with people is definitely challenging. I've managed a few collaborations with friends lately and it's fun, though not usually successful in viewership compared to the usual camera gear topics. I do really enjoy the mixture so it's not going to stop. I also have a background in computers from software development to just general knowledge. I'm sure it helps in a lot of ways I don't even realize.

  11. One thing I've learned from multiple photographers tutorial podcasts is to hate Square space so much that I even won't look it up… And maybe even stop watching those podcasts altogether 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  12. Everyone with a camera without any knowledge of light and the preparation and practice needed are photographers and doing events . I don't think lowering your prices is the way to go.

  13. Me when I want people to move when I'm taking a photo. "Hey guys I have a great shot of this (thing) and if I could get this shot I'd love to give you a free digital copy of the photo. What's your email?"

  14. When I ask people to move out of a shot, I usually say it's because I can't afford to pay them a modeling fee. They seem to get a kick out of thinking of themselves as a potential model. They make a quick 1/2 second mock pose, and get our of the way with a smile.

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