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Why the ONEWHEEL is the BEST electric board!

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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the video! I am going to be a nerd and say this video is for you 🤙(me) for pushing a logical issue. Comparing the cost of the 1W to a cellphone (iphone), that if you are going to buy this then it is logical to buy that?….no way bro. The 1W probably costs them 2-3 hundred dollars in parts and assembly to bring to market and dont forget FREE ADVERTISING on your behalf with YOUTUBE! Then let's talk about very inexpensive software that a lot of companies are using and that is your own personal cellphone as an APP in the app store. Listen again I love the ONE WHEEL ALSO, but the PRICE IS AN OVER ZELIOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY for something that can be found cheaper somewhere else folks so hold on to your emotions and shop SMART. Wait a while for the price to come down (knockoffs 1W look alikes) use your $1800 -$2000 and go buy a really good Electric Folding Mountain Bicycle, make your purchase functional physical or just search the market for other viable fun experiences for a little less? The 1W is just an emotional purchase NOT a reason to just buy one. If you have money to burn because you just want it THEN BUY ONE!, but kick yourself later when something else hits the market that is way more interesting and reasonable in price without all the cumbersome weight to carry and asseories that push your price past the point of no return 😀👍?

  2. When you make a video titled "Why the ONEWHEEL is the BEST electric board!" don't talk about how you feel about YouTube, your connections, your lamp, knives, etc. Talk about the electric board. Pussified, insufferable millennials. SMH.

  3. I felt the same way about onewheel. Saw it, not impressed. Got a boosted. Tried one about a year later, kinda liked it. Another year later bought one. Last week, just bought an XR which is now my second onewheel 😂😂😂

  4. I found out about one wheels through your company and started looking into them, come to find out they're from Santa Cruz which is where I work. I was super surprised but stoked that you introduced me to them! Getting myself a pint soon 👍🏻

  5. @MattiHaapoja

    I do not know if you read this but I would like to thank you with all my heart. Thanks to you Last month I had a reason to leave the house. I spent the last 12 years in front of a computer. Now I only fly the drone and ride the onewheel. all thanks to you;)

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