Home Photography Why Lightroom Screws Up Your Photos when You Preview Them!

Why Lightroom Screws Up Your Photos when You Preview Them!

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Ever have a Lightroom preview of a pic look great, then it quickly changes and gets worse? Here’s how to fix it. For more, SUBSCRIBE and like …


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  1. Hi Tony, hi everyone
    For some reason, when I go to the "profile" tab, I can't see any other option than Adobe Standard… 
    My camera is a GH4 and I shoot raw. 
    Also, I have read some of the comments below and I'm not sure I understand. So when I do some in-camera presets, like low contrast, low highlights, low saturation etc, it is useless because lightroom won't display them? Are those presets only good for shooting jpg? Because indeed, the first image that appears in lightroom for me always seems to be more washed out, probably as I set it up in-camera, and then it becomes more contrasted. So if that's the case, what's the point of even doing these low contrast, low saturation presets? I'm confused… 
    Thanks in advance for anyone who can light me up on this matter !

  2. Hello,I am editing photos in light room & with my current laptop get slow , not FHD screen and has very less space.
    Could be kind to suggest budget Laptop with Glossy Full HD screen, good enough space for Light Room CC.
    I like have Budget ard 700-800 US not more
    Awaiting for your reply. Thanks

  3. My Nikon 810 is doing this really frustrating process when I import images. I import WITH NONE selected on everything (no presets, no weird defaults). It automatically applies the first camera profile which is some AGFA film. I want to get rid of that. When I import with my Nikon D4, it automatically goes to Adobe Standard. When I am in an 810 image file, Adobe Standard isn't even an option! I have to manually go in and select Camera Standard to get the file to be more neutral. This was happening and I didn't know it and all the 810 files looked dark and weird. VERY FRUSTRATING and I cannot seem to add Adobe Standard as a choice and I have no idea why it's automatically selecting this. I have searched for hours on the internet and found one thread but I cannot seem to solve this problem. HELP!

  4. I’m new to Lightroom, I’ve done some great editing on about 1500 images for a wedding. But my edits are missing?

    I did not use catalog or collections just folders. I did move them on my hard drive, i did move them back. But my edits are gone, Can they be restored?

  5. I no longer see the options listed in this video with the latest Lightroom version anymore. I’m using Lightroom 8.2 for the record. It says version 1,2,3,4 instead. Please help a sister out?

  6. but you didn't go over how to turn that crap off. Fail.. Also you should have talked about shooting color cards because all of Adobe's presets are WRONG. It's not replicating anything correctly.

  7. I've been struggling for a day with LR. No matter what I try to modify LR's settings, I can't get it close to the embed jpeg. Then I tried downloading Nikon's NX-D and to my surprise, my pictures came out exactly as I wanted (not to mention that I actually get access to MORE raw settings that LR ignores completely, like denoise settings). For people having the same issue and want to keep the color calibration as shot, just download the proprietary raw editor from the camera manufacturer (Nikon in my case). You'll have a much easier time with it than if you just import directly with LR. If you still want to use LR for editing for whatever reason, you can just mass export from the manufacturer's software to TIFF or whatever, since such formats will be handled perfectly in LR, unlike camera raw.

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