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  1. dude.. i've never even saw a snow flake in person… we don't have winter in here… just diferent types of summer… it kinda feels like living inside a armpit

  2. Love it! Thank you. I live shooting tiny things close up. It’s fascinating! I no longer kill even the smallest of bugs, after I took a close up of of a teeny spider. The eyes were so amazing, cute, alive, I’ve not looked at a bug the same since.

  3. This is what I’ve been looking for, what lens do I need for the photos I love to take. I’m a beginner to exchangeable lenses but I’ve worked hard to capture what a see with a Nikon coolpix point and shoot and have received compliments on my photos. Now I have a Sony kit lens and I’m lost, have no idea what I’m doing. I take landscapemostly combined with close ups. Open to suggestions. This may be all that’s i need for now. I’ll research Sonya macro lenses. Thank you!!

  4. I'm thinking of getting a macro lens, but first I wanted to come here cause I'm like "Do I actually need one?" And after watching this video I know the answer is gonna be yes 😂😂

  5. After watching your video, I tried shooting a snowflake with a macro lens and she was triggered so hard, she screamed at me to get my f*** camera out of her face and something about me raping her with my lens and then she told me to go kiss Trump’s ass.

  6. Peter, I've got to say that you are one hell of an inspiration! Cheers to you from Texas! I've always had an eye for taking photos and I've developed so much over the years just observing and reading about it online. What really brought it out in me was being a skateboarder for the past 15 years now, always seeing those huge lenses and sweet shots in skate magazines really opened my eyes to the world of photography. Not too long ago I purchased a D3500, few weeks later I upgraded the kit lens for a Sigma 17-50 F2.8 and now I'm shooting on a used D600. It's odd, but when I find a passion in something, i just jump in head first. Mind you, this is my first comment on one of your videos but I've been watching your videos and learning for the passed year now. Thank you for the insight and knowledge you pass down to so many others like me. Good vibes sent to you and your family! Have a blessed one!

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