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Which Camera Should You Buy?

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We’ve reviewed almost all modern camera systems and worked closely with thousands of photographers. Based on that experience, we’ve learned which …


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  1. Tony thank you for all the videos. They have been so useful to me and my friends. I am currently thinking to upgrade from crop to full frame camera and debating between Pentax k1 and Canon 5d Mark iv. I mostly shoot landscape, but am planning to try my hands in documentary style photography and wedding photography. I know you have mentioned in your Pentax k1 videos that it is more suited for landscape photography and slow paced photography. What are your thoughts on canon 5d Mark iv thinking about its effectiveness in documentary style photography, wedding photography and landscape photography. I have seen lots of landscape pics from canon 5d mark iv and they look equally good as Pentax K1. Do you have any experience with both of this cameras? In your opinion professional full frame camera is a multipurpose camera that will work for most styles of photography?

  2. Hi Tony, Thank you for the video. My wife is an aspiring make up artist and she needs a camera that could show the details and nuances of her work and at the same time, I want something that's good for travel and may be video, basically a good family camera that could last a while. I have a budget of AUD $ 1500 to a max of $2000. I was thinking about the Sony A7. Your thoughts, please.

  3. doesn't landscape photographers for a large print stitch photos? I always was under impression that if a good landscape photographer wants clear, sharp, large print he should stitch a photo with a bit higher focal length (something like 50mm or 35mm instead of wide) out of at least 9 separate photos.

  4. How do I contact you as I'd like to have a chat about some gear questions.
    I work in an extremely specific field which hopefully helps you and I nail down some gear choices.

    Hope you respond

  5. can you do a video for which cameras are the sharpest? i wanna buy a cam for portraits, travel, landscape, indoor, outdoor family photos.. I care about sharpness the most, price also matters, weight doesn't matter too much, how cam feels/functionality doesnt matter too much, i'll just learn it. what cam / lens do you recommend?

  6. I'm interested in trying out photography using a proper camera but I can't quite decide what to buy so I want to ask for your opinion.

    It's going to be my first camera so I want to get one that is cheap but worth its price. I intend to use it mainly for taking photos of landscapes and people. I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to photography. At the moment, I'm looking at getting a used Nikon D3300, but I want to get more opinions before jumping into it.

  7. I know this is a 2 1/2 y/o video but he recommends a Canon T3 which is cool. I have one, bought it in 2011 and I am happy with it. Yes, I wish I has more megapixels instead of 12.2 but it is a nice camera and I am looking at getting another lens for it. I have the 18-55mm IS kit lens and a Canon 55-250mm IS II zoom lens. Now to decide what lens to get.

  8. For same price (england) would I get better image quality, sharper for landscape using nikon d5300 without aa with sigma 18-35 TAMRON 70-200 f2.8 or nikon d610 with AA and tamron 24-70 f2.8 and tamron 70-200 f2.8 I can get these for the same price £1300 used. I know you are the man that can help me with this I have the olympus em10 ii with kit lenses but I run into trouble with low light and it drives me mad so I will use the mft for travel and want something with better iq for landscape and maybe start to get into portrait photography @tonynorthrup

  9. Stop putting lipstick on the pig
    DSLR’s are dead….just like Medium format film before…
    Remember Bronica, Hasselblad, Mamiya or Pentax?
    Nobody else does either
    Mirrorless is just the 8-track tape version of vinyl records…..still born.
    Start reviewing phone camera technology …. or die like Kodak

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