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When you Fully Accessorize the Zhiyun Crane 2

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  1. most of the vibration is occur : when motor power voltage is too big for the load. i have ikan beholder EC1 that have vibration with sony a5500 (small camera) and witg canon 7D it is perfect no vibration at all. the i use zhiyun crane M, crane 1 and crane V2 which all have the problem : a tilt "jitter" when you walk or run, it will dissapear if your lens have optical stabilizer or your camera body have inbody stabilizer (a6500, a7ii, a7iii). now i use ronins S and so far not found problem.

  2. As an Old Fart who tried to shoot 16mm on the Santa Monica Pier in High School (Samohi) and regretting that I’ll NEVER be able to get decent “movie” results… 😕 70s!
    Just bought Z6 Filmmakers Kit and we are off and running!!! Only took 50 years. It’s never too late (until it’s too late)

  3. Btw that follow focus mounting "pipe" can be tighten with for ie screwdriver, that's why there's hole in middle of pipe. You get it so tight it can't opened by hand.

  4. Isn‘t the slow motion also „smoothing“ some of the unwanted movements? To really show the stabilization of the gimbal without an image stabilizating lens I would prefer videos at normal speed. 🙂

  5. You are 100% correct in regard to the follow focus mini rod attachment. The hot set up would be a super light quick release plate with real shot rod(s). That way, the follow focus would move with the plate. If the gear depth was greater on the follow focus it might work by not having to snug it as tight.

  6. Idk if you'll ever see this, but with the 80D, in 2019 do you think it's worth it; To still buy? I'm trying to shoot small idk short film. Cinematic style, I most is post edit, but do you think it's a good can to buy with a budget

  7. Hi mate. I really hope you read this. I've been eyeing this crane for a while but haven't found the answer I'm looking for. Here's my dilemma: my church does live streaming right. So I was able to set a Limit G7 and a 12mm (24) along with a external fake battery so it runs forever. I'd love to set it all in a cage. The cage would contain the G7, 12mm t2.2, battery bank, and an antenna which transmits 1080i @ 59.94. from the looks of it… It seems like it should handle it. All and all, it comes up around 4-5 lbs. Do you think this is possible? If so, which cage would you recommend?! Tia

  8. Dude I’m sorry but that can not possibly be balanced. Balancing a gimbal requires it to be able to stay in every position regardless . Not just backwards or forwards. I own every Zhiyun and it’s impossible to balance with a battery grip let alone add a mic to the camera

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