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When to put the camera down

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  1. Hey Matti, I’ve always wondered while watching your videos… what hair product do you use to keep your haircut perfectly in shape? I have the same haircut but I’ve yet to find a product that would work as well as it seems to work for your hair!

  2. Just the other day I went out to try and get a photo of a bear. I was lucky enough to see one and I didn’t even take a single photo, but I was thrilled to live in that moment. I guess I will just have to try again! Great video Matti!

  3. This is something I struggle with too trying to find that balance between being present and filming… I decided that the key is to figure out what your video is about and only film those things other wise it turns out to be a video with a lot of random clips in it.

  4. The thing with the memories is, you are not even capturing memories, when you're using your camera… The moments are set up. Like "standing alone on a rock and enjoying the view." But the real memory becomes posing around, being stresses because the sun goes down very fast etc. So actually you're creating fiction memories you don't really have (because your real memory is using a camera). Perfect way would be to enjoy the whole thing with couple a friends and to have an awesome photographer, who's documenting the whole thing without you even noticing. But sadly that's difficult to arrange.

  5. Matti, you should take the best car yourself! You chose the slowest one, if you can call those cars slow, it's definitely the least expensive one. The P1 is a million dollars, the Senna is 750k.

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