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What's Jamie Eating Today? #13 | Nasi Goreng

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Jamie’s having a bit of a cook up out in Essex with his Food Team. Today is all about Indonesian flavours and he knocks up a spicy little rice dish called Nasi …


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  1. The best Original Nasi Goreng maybe only In Jogjakarta and Central Java as known as "Magelangan" in "Bakmi Jawa" Street food. Magelangan is rice mix with white noodles. Is very nice because it use natural chicken (ayam kampung) and duck egg which combine with Java oriental spices. sometimes we can order for adding chicken lever, chicken wings, "uritan" and "brutu".

  2. WHO WOULD SAY BAD THINGS TO JAMIE?! Gosh I've known u since I was a kid and now I'm 25 haha. I always love your cooking and u absolutely always make me hungry after watching u. I love cooking fried rice too, love from Indonesia.

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