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What's in your camera bag?

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We often receive questions to our Facebook asking us what do “we carry in our bag?” Well, we let Kai and Lok answer that question in a video. They tell us what …


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  1. A 24mm f1.4 would be good for large group shots, I have been taking pictures for our family reunions, family outings and weddings with my zoom 24-105mm f4, so do you think a 24mm f1.4 would be worth the investment to take group shots?

  2. This sounds more like a show off your camera gear kind of comment section instead of in your bag,
    I have a:
    1. Pentax Spotmatic with Super Takumar 55/1.8
    2. Two Russian Fed 2's with a Industar 26m 50/2.8
    3. 1 Zorki 4 with a Industar 50/3.5
    4. 2 Pancake Russian Industar 69's 28/2.8
    5. Nikon D5200 with 18-55/3.5, and a Micro 40/2.8
    6. Cute little leningrad 2 light meter

  3. 5:59 "OM-1… probably the smallest SLR in the world"
    Not sure what the smallest SLR really was, but if you're talking about 35mm, the Pentax ME Super was much lighter and smaller. Even the MX was smaller and lighter, and that was fully-mechanical.

    The Pentax Auto 110 was smaller than all of the above by miles, but it's not 35mm as the name suggests and its features and accessories are quite limited.

    Pentax probably won the competition for smallest, lightest cameras that were still practical. Too bad they couldn't do the same for popularity in the 90's when they fell behind the others.

  4. there is nothing in my camera bag because i store it all in silver cases i only use my bag when i go out on a quick photo hop other wise i come equipped like im moving house lol

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