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What You NEED To Know For Your SOUND DESIGN

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  1. Realistically, is this something I can do as a part time hobby/job. I love sound and music, I’m a huge EDM fan and do not find reality in becoming an artist but want to get my feet wet in some part of this process. I don’t know where to start, I have a career in structural engineering but long to fill a void in myself that is music. Do I take night classes in sound engineering? Do I start learning the ins and outs of Synths? I don’t know what to do or where to start but need to do something. Advice please

  2. well that's rather sound implementation than design specifically, and no that's not the hardest part of audiovisuals, clearly .HOWEVER ,strictly speaking, sound DESIGN is just like a composing , except it's mostly dealing with noise, not with necessarily with notes (notes= sounds with specific time/pitch/superposition – noise= sounds that don't obey those parameters specifically)
    using premade samples and plopping them into a timeline is the peanut part of the job, actually engineering non existing sounds is the real hard part of the job.
    In many productions you actually are hired to create SFX that have no real world basis by whatever means. and THAT is the real audio design. and it's a challenge every time, it's a full time job.

    like if you're working on stuff like harry potter & the likes, the basic foley work and regular implementation stuff is really peanuts compared to the effort required to conceptualize& soundifying wands being waved or spells being cast. everybody in the world knows how footsteps sound, but nobody knows what magical wands sound like. well as audio designer , you're paid to be the one to know how it's supposed to sound. you'd be amazed the kind of totally unrelated & counter intuitive audio sources we use to produce such sounds. and this is anything but easy.

  3. Hey matti, I'm a new subscriber here and I'm currently loving your content.
    I have an important question, I want to learn sound design in university but currently all that I'm seeing is audio engineering and I'm scared because I am. Not finding any sound design courses.
    My question is that do I have to learn audio engineering courses so I can be a sound designer?, or is there sound designing courses?

  4. That's was awesome thanks for explains to us, but i still have question, in case of making film travel what thing that you have to do first, is that looking for the music first before editing and edit them by music character or put the footage and arrange them into timeline sequence then put the music?

    Thank you hope you enlighten me

  5. I love your videos… trying so hard to edit like you… my difficult now: Edit video with sometime pausing the sound or crashing it with sound effect, changing and coming back with the previously song, this is awesome. could you teach it? thanks a lot

  6. Hello how are you ?
    I have made a few films for the big screen. I have never put anything in surround sound yet.
    But perhaps when I make another movie it will be in surround sound. I use audacity.
    I have an h4n zoom recorder. I usually put my movies on Blu-ray.
    I have played them in a theater called Atlas Cinema in Elyria Ohio. Have you ever done anything in surround sound ?

  7. In the first example it sounds like you're filling marbles or pebbles into the coffee grinder, not coffee beans. Sound design is important, yes, but it's also important that you pay close attention to all the details of a sound.

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