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We review your photos, read your funny comments, and see the WORST camera!

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  1. CnT…Maybe it is just me, but your cursor drives me Crazy. Especially when it lingers. I still watch the complete show. They are Great. Well mostly, you were talking during the intro?

  2. I don't think you all are really grasping the Yashica. You see to truly simulate film it must do three things:

    1. Waste time — loading,winding film, sending film to the developer waiting for the pictures to come back not knowing if anything came out.
    2. Waste money — pay for film, get it back from the developer and find that all of your pictures are blue.
    3. Waste resources — fuel to transport film to the developer, blue ink , disposal of extra unusable blue ink, throwing camera and its fake film into a land fill.

    They knew that the camera couldn't quite waste a piece of your life like film really could so they decided to introduce some "technical features" you didn't get with film cameras.

  3. "i didnt win it so it must be fake" thumbsUp … I wish i had won, i would have LOVED to have a proper camera but im not going to slam the people giving stuff away for not choosing me… wtf m8.

  4. About that Yashica POS. Everybody, when I saw the word Hong Kong, it basically means China. And those who didn't know that everything, EVERYTHING from China is a scam, well. Now they know. It's actually a small price to pay to know that. Consider that the upside. Most of that crowdfunding and ESPECIALLY #fraudbook #instascam ads of electronics with cutting edge technology that breaks all physical rules? They are all scams from China with nice ads designed to put you in a trance & suck money from your wallet. You really think that some no name startup would have more money to do R&D than Samsung or Apple? Boy do I have some swam land (I mean ocean view property) in India to sell you. Remember that & save your money next time.

  5. Nice video. Attitude from Chelsea a bit cocky. I really enjoy this channel. I just don't think she should have said its literally her job when you told her great job for her efforts on someone else's work they sent you. Also saying let you review before we buy. Why?. Anyhow great show. I'll continue watching and learning from your other videos that teaches how to and I'll also love to work with Peter McKinnon. 👊💯

  6. For an apsc camera, i'd recomend a 17-50 f/2.8, i used one by sigma for a friend's wedding and it went great, except that the sd card failed and i lost all of the pictures i took, and only could get back 5 pictures of a full 32gb sd card. I used a canon rebel t5i.

  7. Just watched the Yashica unboxing & “review” videos by the Point&Shoot Club channel, and lastly the “let’s take this shit apart to see what’s inside” video, seeing as it broke after around 20 pictures. They reckon the B&W cartridge has the best colours, ironically, since it isn’t actually B&W. In the end they lined up all the junk bits like some “what’s in my bag” video. It is so plasticky and full of nothing, they put metal weights inside to make it feel more substantial. Funny and sad. Comments section say the part number in the board identify it as a car dashcam board.

  8. Could someone please appreciate that Chelsea's pun game was on fire this show! Radio silence in the video and here I am trying not to wake people up with my laughter 😂

  9. When I first started doing photography zooms sucked. The technology wasn't there to produce a decent zoom. If you wanted a decent lens, you had to buy a prime. Since then I've gone through various systems with zooms and primes. At one point I went back to all primes just for fun. Now I'm a combination of zooms and primes. They are tools that do different jobs.

  10. That's so wrong about "J walking"..

    J walking is when you cross the street at a crossing, but begin to cut the corner while still on the road (deviating from the crossing) and start walking toward the direction of the sidewalk that you want to walk along.. It then got coined as the term for someone who just crosses the street ignoring crossings.

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