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We forget why we do it

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Whats up guys! In episode 19, I touch on forgetting why we actually shoot in the first place. Additionally, I head out into the woods to tap some trees for sap! Like …


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  1. I've watched today 2 Peters videos chosen randomly. 1 -Peter putting shelf on, 2 – Peter taking shelf off.
    Time spent well
    I need to do something with my life

  2. based on the comments, can't believe he was still at 200k subs when this video came out. and now, almost 3 years later, peter's got like 2.9m subscribers! w o w

  3. Two things, if I may…
    1) It is important to remember why it is we do photography. I graduated college with degrees in photography and journalism, and for a great many years that's how I made my living. But I made a career change and left photography behind for a long time. And I missed it a lot. Now I'm doing it again, purely for fun, and enjoying it immensely!
    2) By any measure, Peter appears to be a serious coffee connoisseur. But his own video (05:23) shows us he will drink any old urine sample in a beer bottle. That's really sad, Pete. My condolences to you.

  4. Yup. South East Asian coffee tastes like shit. I recently was given coffee from the Philippines and was excited to try it. It was a big disappointment and I had to pour it down the drain. I don’t think I’ve ever poured coffee down the drain before. Also, Timmies isn’t that good. I keep going back because of the convenience, not because it’s great coffee. It’s everywhere and you don’t even have to leave your car to get it.

  5. Dude….Coors??????? What tha…? Don`t know if you can get it in Ontario BUT you have GOT to try Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale from Nova Scotia. Just started watching your videos recently (and love them!). Have you been to Japan? Aside from anything Suntory produces, Japanese beer is YUM!! All this to say, step away from the Coors…just put it down and step AWAY from the Coors.

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