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We all struggle sometimes… + FREE TRIP TO ICELAND

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Go SUB Peter! – https://goo.gl/D86MBn WIN A FREE TRIP TO ICELAND – http://rhino.camera/2yZHldE COLOR GRADED USING THESE – https://goo.gl/YKAtkY …


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  1. these guys are awesome, peter and matt. i have been watching peter's video from last 3 months. and i found travel feels about a month ago. now these guys are head to head. both guys been my inspiration. following their's techniques i made a very short film in a cheap camera and kit lens without any stablizers. Its not awesome but my friends having no idea about filmmaking are loving it and appreciating my work.

  2. I know this is sort of off topic, and maybe not your area of expertise, but do you have any tips on underwater filming? Like when scuba diving, my footage is always shaky and the colours and lighting don't look the best.
    PS: Love your videos by the way!! Great job!

  3. I really like the way how peter and you support each other! Same on how both of you supports all of us too! Thanks a lot and God bless the work of your hands! (fist bump!)

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