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WANDERLUST 4K Premiere! California Travel, Desert Landscape Photography & Location Scouting

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In the series premiere of Wanderlust, Chelsea, Tony & Justin travel to California to meet with Eric & Stephanie Lowenbach. They photograph Malibu, a ghost …


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  1. I am a subscriber and liked this video in general, but with all due respect, and I do like you guys a lot, I don't agree with the use of the buzzing, noisy, drone. Just as spelling out "LOVE" is a form of graffiti, the noise caused by the drone is horrible. I hate going to national parks, monuments, reserves etc etc etc and having the beautiful silence interrupted by the drone. Some places have rules against using them, I hope you both respect those rules. The drones are bad, not only because they are a form of noise pollution that can ruin the experience for others, but also because they disturb the natural habitat.

  2. BLM Cop/Ranger busted me for photographing for commercial purposes without a permit. So he said… First thing out of her mouth was you are intending to put this on YouTube right?

    Good thing I said no…

    Twice I have been hit-up, second time was in a state ran park. I have not bothered anymore with progressing in the photography field. I am sick of overall over-regulation of everything that seems fun in our great outdoors. I suppose I’ll stay at home and watch others uploading here on YouTube.

  3. I was hoping to see the beginning of an epic series of videos. I love the format and the first episodes were great. I guess you need some days or weeks of to make another episode. it is sad to think that this project is already dead.

  4. Chelsea is such a great narrator! Her voice is so pleasant to listen to, and she has such a laid-back, easygoing way about her that comes through in the way that she narrates.

  5. Just a funny question. Do you think that the people who lived thousands of years ago had a right to mark up the landscape. After all, how would we know anything about them if they didn't. Does it seem ironic to you that we celebrate their graffiti in one breath, and condemn that of people of our day in another? I'm not promoting destruction of the natural world, but it is an interesting contrast made in this video.

  6. At high noon, would it be effective to shade the rock carvings and then use a reflector to light the individual carving? Would / could that simulate sunrise / sunset lighting somewhat?

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