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WAIT, You Can Customize Your Camera????

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  1. Man thanks for this video!!! Solved the problem with moving between 24 fps to 60 fps for B-Roll (Canon 80D) in a blink of an eye. Using it all the time now. Apparently there's life beyond Auto and M lol

  2. Not sure if it's just me, but when I change it to C1 or C2 it only lets me change the framerate and everything else is automatic. Anyone know if I did something wrong? I'm using an 80D

  3. I think this is your best tip yet. I set mine up awhile back for photography but haven't used them, so switching them to video settings makes so much more sense. Thanks Matti!

  4. Would you recommend creating these settings with your fastest lens attached in order to keep the f stop setting as low as possible? I did it with a 2.8 attached and when I wanted to put on a 1.8 lens, I would have to adjust the aperture down. Great video, by the way! I always wondered what the C1 and C2 were for.

  5. At the beginning I thought it would talk about cutomizing the hardware, like make your cam RGB with watercooling, with a IPS 4K TouchScreen, integrate MD filters on the sensor, adding full range audiophile microphones on it, changing the battery port to allow other brands' bigger batteries, etc….

    ย  I was way off! Probably bc none of the mentionned are possible, but that's secondary.

  6. Forgive the comment on an old video Matti, I've just subscribed and I'm playing catch up!

    I only discovered these settings not long ago and they are super handy for photographing military aviation. You need different shutter speeds for different aircraft, helicopters or planes with propellors need a slower shutter around 1/200 to blur the rotors/props to show the motion. Jets obviously move faster so you need a faster shutter, anywhere from 1/500 up depending on the light. I have C1 set up for Jets and C2 for helicopters/prop aircraft. It means I can pick up a camera and shoot with the right settings straight away without having to sort out settings and miss the shots.

    Happy New Year!

  7. How did I miss this video??! Literally been wishing this could be done and Iโ€™m so stoked you can! Been vlogging today and itโ€™s so annoying have to switch between 24p and 60p and quickly adjusting the shutter speed. Thanks matti!

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