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Voigtländer Nokton 50mm Hands-on

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We take the Voigtlander 50mm f/1.1(http://bit.ly/Voigtlander_Nokton) out to a ghost festival to see just how bokehlicious this lens is. Can it compare to more …


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  2. I really like Kai and his deadpan delivery but it definitely seems like he mailed this one in. He seemed disinterested from the start and didn't attempt to use this lens in its sweet spot (1 to 2 meters as another commenter pointed out). He also didn't adjust the white balance or exposure compensation which all of these shots were begging for. Doesn't matter if you're shooting with a Summilux FLE, if you don't adjust the exposure for the situation the photos are going to come out flat looking. Check out the review at Luminous Landscape to get a true feeling for what this lens is capable of.

  3. Read the Steve Huff review on this lens and look at he pictures he took at F 1.1.Itz very sharp wide open,even sharper than the Leica 50mm 1.0   Even the pictures shown in this video proofs that.

  4. i can tell one thing for sure, when i finally decide which lens i need for the thing im doing… I will NEVER EVER WATCH another lens review in my life… such a nerdish-no brain thing to do… i hated you all

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