Home Photography VANCOUVER TRAVEL GUIDE Vlog | Hiking, Food, Nightlife and a Nude Beach

VANCOUVER TRAVEL GUIDE Vlog | Hiking, Food, Nightlife and a Nude Beach

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  1. Sick city and sick people time to move !
    Metro Vancouver is the Crimes, Drugs and " Mental illnesses " Capital of Canada .

    All B.S. over hype and exaggerated – lies . Vancouver is a classic third world shit-hole overpriced city to visit and live . Everywhere in the city you see homeless and drug addicts in every city corner of downtown , its a serious " epidemic "

    Most people born in Vancouver are all in "denial" and brainwashed . Pollution filthy air in the city and lower mainland . The beaches are contaminated with raw sewer , shit , virus , bacteria a very sick place to live or visit.
    The air is so polluted ,smog from fires burning every year , it will not get better .

    You can get a disease just by sitting on the grass in any park in Vancouver , urine , shit from dogs in all parks . The grass contaminated with bacteria , parasites, pathogens , viruses .

    The truth is Vancouver its a paradise and Gods country for people who come from a poor country, third world country ..yes its " Paradise " and HEAVEN ! .

    If you immigrated here you won the Lottery! Vote for Trudeau and write him a letter to thank him!

    If you love junk food culture , the drug culture , the Hyspster culture , The gay culture , Vancouver is right place for you to visit and live ..you found paradise .

    Hypocrisy is one of Vancouver real values plus the system of government is there to "rape" you ! and rip you off"and enslave you with parking tickets , praking fees .They have highest car insurance in North America , Highest rents, The highest property Tax , The highest fire and earthquake house insurance in Canada .

    The people are the rudesst in north America , whites and asians both are cold blooded people live here in Vancouver "No epathy " , " no morals" (ZERO) nada , nichts , rien .

    Thieves and drug dealers are an epedemic in Vancouver , so is breaks ins, home invations ,purse snachings of seniors , car break ins , arsons, high crime capital of Canada , homeless people epidemic all over the lower mainland. Tent cities in every town all the way to Chilliwack

    The East Indians shootings each other in Surrey seven days a week just turn the eveing news and watch !its call multicultural enrichment …and lets not forget the drug overdoses of people dying every day and No one cares !

    Wait till the interest rates get jacked up by big banks and the recession hit in , it will be a war zone !
    The Traffic jams in Vaancouver are 24-7, The worst driver in the world are in Vancouver , anyone can get a drivers licence no need to speak English .The city bad air pollution all summer long never ends .,,,Next year same shit again !

    The city water is chlorinated toxic for your health ..you will end up with bladder or kidney cancer if you drink the water long enough. You will be a living on credit a debt slave if you stay in Vancouver . If you have any common sense move out of this shithole city .

    Crimes, Drugs, and Mental illnesses is Vancouver the Capital of Canada .
    The bicycle theft in the lower mainland is over 20,000 bicycles per year .

    How sick is that ? you want to live in Canada move to the East coast GOD's Country !.no pakies ! , no Chinese! at least they have fresh Atlantic air and future free zone earthquakes in the East Coast .

    Vancouver best place on Earth ! yes Pollution filthy air in the city and all B.C. ; you will die from lung Cancer or being poor or a " debt slave" going no where in life lost and going around in circles until you fall and drop dead .

    do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

  2. Most ALL the idiot tourists who come too and go hiking in North Vancouver wearing flip flops always end up on our local newscasts. That dumb broad dodged a bullet and got lucky it wasn't her.

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