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Vancouver Is Amazing!

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COLOR GRADED USING MY PRESETS! – https://goo.gl/46Ud1j Off to Vancouver to go snowboard at Whistler and hang out with friends and family! Follow me …


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  1. Amazing video! Love how smooth so many of the shots are. My friend and I are getting into travel vlogging and will definitely be following your content for inspiration. VERY high quality.

  2. You have captured some nice heartwarming vibes on the video. Really love the camera work here and the contrast of the footage going from cold city environment to the downtoearth mountains is appealing.

    Where does your opinion stand on filming higher than 24fps (i.e. 60fps) but extracting media at 24fps? Will it do any good for the footage? What I mean is that I understand to achieve a certain "filmkind" look you need to have footage at 24fps, but I really, really dislike the film catching up with moving objects.

  3. lol The idiot in the cab that was bitching about the Trump protest. You dumb fuck, Trump tinyhands is trying to renegotiate NAFTA. That has a direct effect on our lively-hood. On top of that, what happens inside US' borders affect Canada in the long-term. We are each other's biggest trading partners and closest relatives. Finally, that protest was in front of the newly constructed Trump Tinyhand Tower. His fucking name will be on a building in our city. I seriously hope the idiot moaning wasn't a Canadian.

  4. Great vid. I love the combination of cinematic footage with the vlogging. I would love to know how you developed the confidence speaking to the camera in public places. How do you overcome feeling self conscious talking to the camera while others are walking past?

  5. Brand new subscriber here. Awesome channel! I've been to Vancouver and it is at the top of my list of places I want to live in. Hopefully one day. Anyways, I need to know the name of the band and song you used in the second half of the video!! Great sound. Thanks !!

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