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  1. My son just recently showed me some of your you tube video's and just want to say it has been such an inspiration as it is like you are in my head! I have so many thoughts, idea's and passions with photography! You are inspiring me to get out and just do what I want to shoot and just see what I can do. I feel so limited when I am asked to do a family shoot and I want to be more creative! Look forward to watching more of you video's!

  2. The problem is that most of these Photographers just wanna get paid. They take you to a location and snap out a bunch of shit shots take your money and walk away. I would go as far as saying 99% of Photographers are built this way.

  3. plz can someone help me with wat kind of music this is as intro really into this genre i think its rock but the rock i find is so different from this or is this just from epidemic and not a full song
    keep up your work peter im a big fan and ur a great and huge inspiration to me thanks to u im starting photography <3

  4. REASON FOR TITLE CHANGE – I have seen a lot of the comments regarding my choice of title for this tutorial. It is NOT and most definitely WAS not supposed to be clickbait. Had it been clickbait, you would have seen something like ‘ALMOST GOT HIT BY A BUS!” lol. HOWEVER – with that being said, I have read a lot of what’s been talked about here and spoken to a few of you personally who feel STREET PHOTOGRAPHY was not clearly or well depicted in this video for what we photographed, etc. A better suited title for the information in this video is URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY. Where none of my content is ever published with means to offend, take away from, or minimize other people or their work- I most definitely will recognize my own mistakes because after all, I am still learning too, and never hope to stop.

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