Home Photography TREY RATCLIFF reviews your travel & landscape photos!

TREY RATCLIFF reviews your travel & landscape photos!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! You're so gifted. I love to travel also:)I in recent weeks revealed my first ever video – My holiday diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would love your opinions on my video/editing so I am able to get better like you!

  2. I loved the question about new trends and Trey's insights! Also, if you get a chance to take a photo walk with Trey, it's well worth it. The Chicago one that I attended was fan-freaking-tastic! It was packed with techniques and philosophies that will up your skills and your vision.

  3. Sorry for triggering you, Tony. It was worth it though. 😉 Thank you for the effort that you guys are putting in your channel. My wife and I are working together as well and it is not always easy, but you guys rock it.

  4. If I take a photo that I have never seen before then I consider it original (at least too me), who cares is someone else has photographed it a million times. It was still an original creative process for *me*. I suppose if you are selling your photo's it may be different.

  5. This was the only episode I missed and I am so incredibly grateful for this podcast.. I have finally found my favorite photographer. I love plenty of photographers but Terry's work just completely makes sense to me and embodies the style Ive always aimed to shoot like in a lot of ways and more importantly his art mimics the way I see things if that makes sense. Thank you Tony and Chelsea for the episode !!

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