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Travel Photography with LOUIS CHAN! (TC LIVE)

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  1. Speaking of leveling is anyone else having issues with the latest version of Lightroom not working properly particularly the auto level modes auto, full, vertical etc. Its seriously wacky and on very obvious vertical or horizontal lines it turns them into a complete fun house images. Something changed recently…

  2. Taj Mahal tip, walk to the side! It's a 4 way symmetrical building but 99% of people only ever walk in the "front." I did this last Feb and managed a solid 20 minutes trying to get my Taj Mahal handstand photo ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Loved the input from Louis Chan. He's a great guest! Thanks too for the comments and critique of my Amsterdam photo. I would love to go back there for a chance to re-shoot it.

  4. The first photo of Chan's I saw was one that was submitted to a TC Live showโ€”the Golden Gate bridge, one of its towers just peaking up through the fog. Completely arresting. I paused the show to look him up immediately. So great that you got him as a guest!

  5. The show is always fantastic when you have a guest host. Thanks Louis for your time and your contributions. I just wish there were more time. I think that the show should start an hour early when you have guests so you can talk and still review many photos. Oh, and please change the name back to "News, Booze, & Reviews" with Ron. Cheers!

  6. Here is one of Tony's "back-handed' compliments, in reverse? – For all I have and will appreciate from Tony (and Chelsea), his propensity to crop everybody's wonderful composition to accommodate his center spot syndrome is annoying. I get it; people want his critique; it's sad to me that a man of his knowledge is so driven to centering subjects, horizons, etc. I didn't say Tony is annoying. This is just one tiny aspect that may bother nobody but me. I get that too. That aside, thanks Tony and Chelsea for the many videos I've seen and learned from.

  7. The m4/3 add on to the smartphone is an old idea. Sony released that in E-mount 4 years ago. It didn't catch on, ahead of its time. And of course, limited number of E-mount lenses then.

    The 'Phoenix' painted on the hill is in the East Valley of metro Phoenix, in East Mesa. Taken from Usery Rd. cresting the Pass Mountain Rec. Area.

  8. how much is louis paying tony for the good comments about his work. if you want good comments tony charges.
    to get good comments from chelsea you just send alcohol
    chris camera quality seems to have improved over a few shows ago.

  9. Sorry about that…. Some of your videos I watch online. Others, I rip with software to watch later as I work abroad and take hard drives with me. I don't guess that counts towards views which gets ad money. My bad.ย As an alpha shooter, I don't watch videos about other brands. Beyond that,ย I watch them all. Keep up the good work.. please. Your channel is needed and loved.

  10. I wish you guys would do a bit more with your portfolio reviews than just reviewing the photos and a bit of flow. Like the first guy? His logo was terrible. It was a double-logo with the second part explaining the first part. Giving photographers advice on how to have good branding would be great.

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