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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Your First Camera, Why you Started Photography, INSTANT Photo Reviews!

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  1. Let's see if this still gets posted after a few years… My first camera was the Swinger(I have an album of them. It could "stop action"). The first real camera I bought was in a pawn shop, a Canon Ftb. I took hundreds of pics with that. I actually saw one at the thrift shop and almost bought it again. What a brick.

  2. my first camera was a Petri Racer 35mm rangefinder my mom gave me' for my 15th birthday. i still have and use it. it still mounts a Spiratone 1a filter, 55mm lens hood and flash bracket ( miss Spiratone)

  3. Why did I get into photography? My wife died following the birth of our son. After her death I went through the pictures I had to put something together for the funeral and I realized how few pictures I had of her. This was heartbreaking so I decided to make sure I had good pictures of my family. I bought a Sony a57 because it was the only camera in Jamaica with a flippy scream that allowed me to hold the camera and see what pictures I was taking. Then I found you guys and several others to learn from. I've been getting better. I guess it helps my kids are very photogenic. You can see what I've learned on Instagram

  4. My first camera was Charman Mf-1, my dad got it for me. I was six at the time and he got me something breakable. But I took a good care and still have it. It is a point and shoot camera with a 28mm lens but what I love about it is a panorama. That little peace of plastic does panoramas ๐Ÿ˜€ That was my first ever camera ๐Ÿ™‚ and he still gets me a camera if he finds any. So I guess he got me into photography ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Most all people want to be creative, and most can push a button, plus it's a great way to save memories….It's a way to spend quality time, alone or with others…..

  6. I just came across this video…I had to laugh, my first camera (besides a Fuji disposable 35mm) was a Kodak Star 110mm that I jacked from my mother. Jumped from that to a Nikon N65.

  7. My first camera? Fujifilm X70. It is dear to me. I've learned most of what I know on that camera and I still use it to this day. (I don't own much gear. Prefer to invest in learning, photobooks and film rolls.)

    How and why did I start photography? I was already into cinema when a friend of mine, who was a street and landscape photographer introduced me to his hobby. I took to it quick. He introduced me to some big names he looked up to. He would show me his photobooks – photographic bodies of work that, with me being a cinephile, obviously resonated. I would accompany him in his shoots with his trusty Leica MP, and developing and editing processes (yes he shoots and develops his own film). I watched and helped him sequence bodies of work into comprehensible narratives. I enjoyed it all immensely, the whole process was simply magical to me… and still is today. Though at the time I hadn't really picked up my own camera and started shooting yet. I was more an appreciative observer and 'assistant' of sorts. That was my first exposure to the art of photography, a seed that had been planted inside me.

    About a year or two later I came across a book in the local bookstore – The Street Photography's Manual by David Gibson. That book was a revelation and one that kickstarted my passion in photography. Most photography books would focus on gear, specs and minute technical details too intimidating (and seemingly trivial) for beginners such as myself. But this book was different – it reminded of my friend who focused more on the process and the stories/narratives behind photographic works. It went into various working/stylistic approaches and philosophies with examples from the great photographers. It showed me that anybody with a camera on him/her – even mobile phone cameras – could take great pictures anywhere, anytime. It made photography seem like something within the reach of any ordinary person such as myself, and seem an activity that could actually mean something. The book made a huge impression on me and I've been hooked ever since. I was (and still am) mainly attracted to street portraiture, documentary/photojournalism/reportage… a bit of landscape. Photography has taught me to see the beautiful and the extraordinary in the everyday, to appreciate the little things. It led to my closest friends today, all photographers with whom I go out shooting with. In interacting with my subjects it has forced me to be a better, more empathic person. It brought me out of my social anxiety and made me who I am today. Those stories of pain and joy, hurt and happiness really change you. Every person no matter what their colour or creed has their own story, their own dreams, hopes and fears just like you and me. You'd be amazed how much happiness and peace you can give others by just talking, listening, and by sharing out nice photographs. Photography is my opportunity to give back in my own little way. My life has been enriched like that. And whenever I'm going through rough times I just step outside with my camera and I lose myself blissfuly in the process, in connecting with others. Reminds me of my blessings and the things that truly matter. This world is harsh and cruel but it is also beautiful and full of wonder. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. My first camera was a nikon fe10, 1998. The reason I started photography: we had a dark room at my high school and wanted to spend lunch breaks there printing photos.

  9. A few years back, I had an olympus camera, not sure which one anymore. I just got a nikon d3500. I want to be able to take better photos than what my phone takes (I have an older smart phone that doesn't take awesome photos). I also want to document memories and what I see in the world around me.

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