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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Weather Photography, Photo News and Portfolio Reviews!

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We re-uploaded this because of Internet problems. TL;DW? Read Siobhan’s recap here http://northrup.photo/live-show-recap-weather/ Get an awesome …


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  1. The power zoom makes some sense. It let's them keep the lens smaller for people who don't want power zoom and it let's them re-use the power zoom accessory in future lenses, esp. the "cheaper" STM lenses.

  2. This is a question for Justin or Tony. I am already invested in two 70d's and one 6d. I want to get a Black Magic television studio switcher. My question is, can I get a clean feed out of the 70d's and the 6d, to use with the switcher? Right now, I use all three and sync it up and software and do my switching that way, it's a real pain. I asked you guys this because I understand at one time you used to use the 70d for videos. Any help or advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated, Thanks! Love the show and diggin Chelsea hair!

  3. I actually like hearing your guys' conversations. I'm in no need to rush through photos. I love the dialogue. I would love to hear you guys talk about the history of photography more and maybe you guys could talk about more ethical stuff so guys like me could have a sense of what's ok and what's not ok when taking photos. I always want to hear your guys' wisdom when it comes to anything and everything with this stuff!

  4. I have to commend you on maintaining such a high number of views with a 1 hour+ long video.  Seriously though, that is commendable, especially for a Youtube audience.  You have been a great inspiration to me and a wonderful, dependable source for lenses and cameras.  I would love to see you do reviews on technological related videos such as the Cintiq Companion series, other tablets for multimedia editing and graphics cards for working on media production.

  5. Particularly Excellent Episode ::D
    ps. An Idea for Picks & 5 Stars

    Speed browse/comment/joke through the submissions,
    like you did towards the end of this episode,
    but from the beginning of the photo reviews segment,
    then, spend time on your 5 Star & Picks.

    5 Stars = Good Examples + Tips on How It Was Done
    Picks = Baf Example + Tips on How to Fix

    That way, we get to see more photos per episode
    and still get your tips on both good & bad ::)

  6. oh …. so, I just commented on one of your newest videos… and then this came along … Tony's favorite phone game "This war of mine" … is actually inspired by the war in one of the former Yugoslavian countries, the siege of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The game is incredibly good – its just sad that a lot of those things in the game were actually happening in real life and not even 25 years ago. After the war, one very famous singer from ex-Yugoslavia said: "For a smart person, every war is lost – You don't even have to participate in the battle in order to lose it."

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