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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Time Lapses w/ D.M. Lowe, Photo News, Portfolio Reviews!

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  1. Great show, thanks so much! I submitted the collection of timelapses with the mountains one at the end. It was taken in Slowenia right when we crossed the border. The other ones are taken in Croatia and Germany. All of them are processed with LRTimelapse!

  2. Tony: Off topic for you.

    I like and respect the way you do reviews on gear. It's usually at a technical level we don't get on any other site, or, provides details that are technical — with a slight amount of common sense added. That said, I wondering if you could review both of these lens models. The Canon 200-400 f/4 (built in tele) and the Nikon 200-400 f/4.

    There is NOT a lot of information or true reviews on these models and certainly few if any compared side by side.

    Thanks for the consideration.

  3. Thank you so much for the video guys!
    This information is freaking gold, wish I had seen it a couple weeks ago.
    I was just out on the West Coast Trail (An 80km, 6 day hiking track in Canada) and stitched together a couple minute time-lapse of the scenery. If your interested the video is on my channel.
    Anyway, thanks for the quality content! I'm really liking the videos 🙂

  4. Hey Chelsea and Tony, I was wondering on your opinion or advice on third party lenses not being able to work on future dslr bodies. I know there are firmware upgrades but ive heard of cases where you would need to send lenses in to have them upgrade and could cost 300-500usd. I don't see it being a big problem but was wondering you thoughts. Reason for asking is the holy Trinity on tamron side is cheaper than the Nikon's and I can still get great images. Just need the 15-30 to complete my trinity.

  5. Hey guys – technical question about dxo and 2 lenses: sigma 18-35 f1.8 and 18-105 nikkor
    In dxo, on the sharpness charts ( mesurments-> sharpnes ) these lenses are shown as equally sharp ( very close ) in the ranges of 18mm to 35mm ( when nikkor is stopped down to f5.6 and when sigma is at any appature).
    However, in the overall section ( scores -> sharpness ) it shows a really significant difference in sharpness ( P-Mpix) between the two lenses. I need help, a bit confused. 🙂
    Best channel on youtube. I've learnt so much from you guys! Thank you.

  6. i understand trying to give the model credit but it really is hard to say if it was the model or the photographer who was guiding the jaw, heel, knee and overall frame. I do believe it takes both a great tog and model.

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